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Three Minutes With…Troy Patrick Farrell

September 19, 2011 by  
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Three Minutes With………..
Troy Patrick Farrell

This interview sets not one, but two separate new records. The first record being the most number of failed attempts to get it to take place – I think it’s somewhere around six different tries over approximately a little over a year before finally we able to make this happen! (And to be fair, I think two of those failed attempts were my fault.) The second record is that it’s the single interview that I worked the hardest for! (See previous record)  Anyway, you’ve seen him with play drums with White Lion, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dilana, and most recently Gene Loves Jezebel. TPF FINALLY gave me Three Minutes…. while on a recent trip to Vegas… You’re welcome!


 The first question you drew is – What is the best and/or worst thing about playing in Vegas?
 Ooooh…. Well, you know, the best part about playing in Vegas is obviously there’s a lot of energy and a lot of excitement here. The worst part about playing Vegas is that you usually can’t do anything. You’ve got a gig and you can’t go see any of the other stuff. The bad part about Vegas is that I think there’s so much competition, there’s always a billion things going on. Which is great, but when your band is playing, everyone else is doing other stuff. I’ve played one of the Station Casinos a couple of times, once with Pretty Boy Floyd, once with Bang Tango there, and that was great because they had the after party in the round at the Hookah bar. <chuckles> And another good part about Vegas is that it’s only a four-hour drive from LA.

Unless you hit traffic!
Yeahhhh… Gotta get in and out at the right times! Vegas is cool. I’ve played in four or five rooms around this town. I played PinkE’s (a now defunct rock club) back in 2001. That was my first show in Vegas.

I LOVED PinkE’s!
Yeah, it was a cool, funky place. Another good thing, about playing in the casinos, is production’s nice. They deal with artists and performers all the time.

The other question you drew is… (courtesy of Mario) What is your best hangover remedy?
You know what? I didn’t need it today, fortunately, but usually when I’m hungover, I’m craving the worst, sloppiest, cheeseburger you can get – the greasier, the better. It really works, AND, a shot of Jager. And that just brings you back down to one. Squares you up. Believe it or not, the thing that puts you in that state of mind, from the night before, is the one that saves you.

A little Hair of the Dog…  
Hair of the Dog! Exactly!

Okay. Now you can promote whatever you want to talk about!
Let’s see… What do I have going on? I always have stuff on, and I’m doing some dates with Gene Loves Jezebel. White Lion is off until next year. Next year’s the 25th anniversary of the Pride album, believe it or not. I musta been like, four…

That makes me zero!
We’re planning on doing a 25th anniversary tour, playing that album top to bottom, that’s the plan. And there’s a lot of songs on that album, there’s a couple that we’ve never played live.

I think I still have it on vinyl!
Yeah? So, twenty-five years… So, we’re gonna do the Pride album next year, and we’ll throw in some other songs, and then who knows? That might be it. That’d be a way to cap that band. Unless Vito (Bratta) wants to come play guitar! But who knows?

Hmmm. I wonder if that last statement’s a challenge or an offer or a wish? You can also follow TPF on Twitter  (@drummertpf) where he “twats” (his word, not mine!) semi-regularly. 

Are you or do you know a musician coming through Las Vegas that wants to give the shortest interview ever with probably the shortest interviewer ever? Forward me contact info or put them in touch with me. Do you have a query for the Sack O’ Questions? Email me at (Sorry, I can not guarantee any question to be asked to anyone specific, because it’s literally the luck of the draw, but if your question gets drawn, you’ll get props – make sure you note how you want to be thanked!)

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