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Spotlight Band: ::FeeL::

November 30, 2011 by  
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::FeeL:: is:
Ian – Vocals/Guitar
Charles Henry – Guitar/keys/vox
Brian Thane – Bass
Jeff Tortora – Drums

Touring member(s):
Tony Carboney – keys/guitar/vox

Individually, the guys in this band are pretty much all over the musical spectrum – other projects are nothing like this band.  You’ll find that ::FeeL:: is generally not like any other band you’ve ever met, but, don’t take my word for it – let them tell you.

Brian, Charles, Ian, and Jeff sat down with me recently for possibly the most eclectic interview I’ve ever done – traffic sounds be damned!

Interviewed by:  Jessica Messina

Since the majority of the readers of have never seen you guys, what can people expect from this band?
Ian: Crazy photos for one. Good music.
Jeff: Music that can appeal to the masses, mass appeal.
Charles: Any age.
Ian: In-depth music too!
Brian: Non-contrived.

Can you describe each of your bandmates in three words or less?
Brian: Busy, emotional, and ego-less, if that’s a word.
Jeff: Professional – in the sense that everyone’s on time and ready to go. I don’t know. That was pretty lame…. Weirdest f*ckers ever! There’s my three words!
Ian: Awkward, anxious, and colorful!
Charles: Perpetually pleasing.. It’ll bring joy to your peripheral lobes. If that’s a word.

Is there any one song that really defines this band as a whole?
Jeff: “Nothing’s Wrong With Me”
Ian: It’s ironic. A song about everything that’s wrong.
Charles: There’s nothing wrong with any of us.
Which means you’re all nuts then!

What really sets this band apart from the rest?
Charles: I think we’re a group of damn good musicians!
Ian: In-depth, unique approach to songwriting.
Jeff: That the band can play.
Charles: That they grow on you – that you can’t get rid of it – in a good way, even if they’re instantly catchy. The thing is, you’ll never see the same show twice, even if we play the same set. It’s not gonna be the same!
Brian: We all have a great sense of humor, which keeps everything nice and light – no one’s yelling at each other. We’ve also got really great jokes!

What do you hope that people come away from a live show with?
Brian: Thousands of dollars!
I’m not talking about you guys, smartass!
Charles: When people walk away, I want them to want more. I want them to go online and check this band out. They’ve gotta want more – be like “Hey, what else does this band have?” And that they’ll want to come to another show.

If you could tour with any act – past, present, non longer existing, anyone – who would it be and why?
Brian: For me? Coldplay.
Jeff: Queen!
Charles: Maybe the Foo Fighters.
Ian: Weezer….. Muse…..

What do you feel is the biggest thing that’s missing from music today?
Brian: Patient ears.
Charles: Music today doesn’t sound organic.
What? Auto-tune doesn’t do it for ya?
Jeff: Too many f*cking tracks!
Charles: We’re never using tracks. Ever! If I have to grow a third arm and play another part of another instrument…. I’m down!
That would definitely get people in the door – just to see that spectacle!

What artists, could be plural, do you think have had the greatest impact on music today, and state your case?
Brian:I’d have to say The Beatles. Because their music is timeless. If any of their songs came out today, they’d be number one hits, in my opinion. And I still think they influence bands to this day with songwriting styles, and harmonies.
Jeff: I’m not going to disagree with Brian, I let him say it, and that’s totally cool. I’m just sick of hearing how great the Beatles are. OBVIOUSLY they are! I think of different genres – like Sabbath and heavy metal. Going on the heavier side, Korn influenced a whole generation of newer metal bands.
Ian: Then you have Radiohead, which is another genre. Dave Grohl has had a long-lasting impact. He went from the drummer of Nirvana to his own project and probably influenced a number of bands.
Jeff: I respect his career.

What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
Charles: Go on a world tour, that’s on our bucket list.
Brian: Be successful.

What is your best hangover remedy?
Jeff: Not drinking.
Charles: I don’t usually get hangovers, I’m usually pretty good.
Brian: We should give her a better answer than that….. Like put a few eggs in a blender…
Ian: A banana, and like a gecko and a grape.
Jeff: When I did drink, I always drank another six or seven more. I’m a year and ten months sober now.

JM: Where do you see the future of music heading?
Ian: Whenever I hear music on the radio, I imagine a post-apocalyptic party where everyone’s trashed and listening to all the hits of today. Like Katy Perry and everyone’s just outta their mind, zombies.
Charles: The music that comes out how is like an assembly line….
Brian: I see the future of music in commercials. Sadly, that’s it. No more bands, no more touring, no more….
Jeff: Insurance company commercials. Hey did ya hear that new theme for that insurance company?

What are three albums you think everyone should own and why?
Brian: I’m not gonna mention a Beatles album now! Yellow Submarine – is that an album or just a song? Jeff Buckley’s first one, Grace, I think it’s called.
Charles: I don’t know the name of the album but it’s the first Jellyfish album….
Spilt Milk.
Charles: It’s a great album.
Jeff: I don’t know. Let me get back to ya!
Ian: The Pavement record that the song “Shady Lane” is on, I’m not sure of the name of the record right now. I think it might’ve been their first or second. That record’s really great, really raw. Really great songwriting but not a lot of people pay attention to it, because it’s recorded kind of badly, but it’s a really great album.

Any final thoughts?
Jeff: I gotta give my brother Jim credit for naming the band!
Brian: Less think, more FeeL.
Ian: We’re going to release our next record soon.

For more FeeL, LIKE them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and check out their website.

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