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Twelve Minutes With….John Corabi

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Twelve Minutes With………..
John Corabi

You may know him from fronting the LA-based band The Scream, or from Union with Bruce Kulick and Brent Fitz, or from his brief tenure in Motley Crue, or from his solo stuff. John Corabi gave me quite a bit more than “Three Minutes” while poolside recently before a show in Las Vegas, the whole time while striving to beat his former bandmate’s record for answering the most questions.

So, your question is – What artist(s) do you think have had the greatest impact on today’s music? And state your case.
 Just on music in general, I would have to say The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. For me, anyway, The Beatles kind of revolutionized everything. Prior to those guys, a lot of your artists did not write their own stuff. The Beatles were the first act who really wrote their own stuff. And that’s just a combination of musicians that will never happen again. I think it all trickles down, the melody of any song you hear, whether it’s rap, well, not rap, but any pop song, rock song, country song, there’s little melody things you hear and you go “Oh, that’s a total Beatles’ rip off!” You know what I mean? So, I’d have to say The Beatles. Still to this day. Allright! Thank you for coming!

Do you have any preshow rituals or superstitions?
No, not really. I try to kind of warm up a little bit, I try not to talk too much, like, I try to avoid yelling or talking really loud. I try to stick to myself in the dressing room, or with the band, and just do scales or whatever, do my thing.

Ten years from now, when someone hears your name, what do you hope is their first association?
I’d love to be known as a great musician who was known who didn’t sell out or didn’t cave. I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time, and I was always honest with audiences and my other band members, whoever they were. It’s a respect thing, is a big thing for me. I never gave a shit about the money. I mean, I do, we all do, but I’m not motivated by money.

Wow. You’re a rarity!
I don’t know. You’ve just got to be happy doing what you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re making a million dollars working a desk job, but you get up and dread going to work, it’s really not worth it in the long run. How much time we got? I gotta beat this! Brent Fitz, you bastard!

What is the best rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
I actually got in trouble for having sex with a girl while I was on vacation with my wife. But, the girl was like, “Oh yeah, I hooked up with Corabi on this weekend, blah blah blah”, and my wife kinda got upset about it, till she realized the weekend. Uhhh. We were away at the time. So, it was like, “Oh yeah, you’re right!” Okay. Next question!

Yeah, that’s one easy way to be off the hook!
Luckily, I was on vacation with my wife when this girl said she hooked up with me, whatever. I don’t know if that’s a rumor or not but…..

This one actually comes from one of our mutual friends, Tracy. What is the strangest item you’ve ever had on the tour bus?
The strangest item I’ve ever had on the tour bus….. That would be Jizzy Pearl. No, I’m kidding. I love Jizzy.

That’s pretty funny though!
I don’t know. That’s a good question.

I’ve heard about a Bedazzler… I’ve heard about a giant Sake bottle….
Actually, I think it would have to be…. When Tommy (Lee) and I rode together on the bus, I don’t even know where he got them from, but we decked out the front lounge of our bus, and made it like a disco. We had a little tiny disco ball, spinning, and then we had lights in all the corners, and rope lights and I just thought that was really funny. Nikki (Sixx) and Mick (Mars) weren’t drinking, so we called their bus the “Church bus” and Tommy and I had the…. We called it “the Surf and Turf Lounge” because he’s T-Bone and I was Crab. So, it was the “Surf and Turf Lounge”. It was pretty cool.

Somehow “Nikki Sixx” and “Church” do not compute!
No, it doesn’t, but we deemed it the “Church Bus” because they weren’t drinking or partying at the time. You know what I mean?

If you put together your dream project – band/tour/album, etc. – Who would be involved?
Wow. It would be…. I would have to say…. John Bonham on drums. Paul McCartney on bass.

(At this point, previous “Three Minutes” contender TPF yells from across the patio “It’s only a three-minute interview…. REALLY?”)


(Someone else yells over – “What year are you up to?”)

1926. I’m talking about the Great Depression.

“and the money you lost in the Crash?”

YES. And how we used to have to share potatoes! It was pretty awesome!
I’d say John Bonham on drums, Paul McCartney on bass and vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, Joe Perry on guitar and myself on vocals.

And maybe have Steven Tyler play some keys, that’d be awesome.

I’d actually buy a ticket for that.
I might even let Steven sing a couple. Maybe Paul.

Yeah, it would be pretty cool. Allright. I’m getting harassed by my friends over there…. Let’s see what else we’ve got!

If you didn’t do this, what would you do?
I don’t know. I would probably something on the road. I’m fascinated by trucks and trains, so maybe an over the road truck driver or an engineers who drive the trains. I’m fascinated by it so probably something like that. Something where I could grow a beard, long hair, and just do what I do. Which is annoy people!

And now you can promote whatever you want to talk about……..
We’re doing this thing tonight, RocktoberFest, traveling… I’ve got a new band out. We’re going to start playing at the end of October. We’ve got a run of dates in Georgia and Florida. I just finished up an unplugged record. That’ll be out in February 2012. I was supposed to have it right away, but I can’t say yet what label it is, but there’s a label that’s actually going to be putting it out for me. I did it, it was on my own, I was just gonna put the record, and now it’s looking like this record label’s gonna put it out. They’re going through the details right now, so I don’t want to say which label it is until it’s all set, but they did say they’re going to put it out in February 2012.

Which means June on a music business calendar….
No, I don’t know if I should say anything, but we’re going to try and do a listening party/record release party on the cruise I’m doing – that Monsters of Rock. So, it should be pretty cool. I’m happy. I’ve got new managers now, and a record label that believes in me, and I’m looking for a good new year.

Who’s in this band?
My buddy Topher that was in the band last year when I did the tour with Faster Pussycat and LA Guns. Troy played drums with me last year. I have a guitar player named DA. I’m still thinking about adding a second guitar player so I can just go back to fronting, being a frontman, playing a little guitar. I have a drummer named Matt Farley right now and Matt’s gonna be very involved with a lot of the writing and recording and stuff. I have another drummer, that’s kind of an A and B playing named Chris Williams. The only thing, Matt can’t tour, he doesn’t want to tour, so I’ve got two great drummers, they both wanna write and contribute, so I’m like, allright cool!

Hey, why not? Rotating cast!
Well, some of the guys will be set and be there all the time, and I love Matt, but he was very clear in the very beginning, he’s an unbelievable musician, but he can’t tour.

I’ll look forward to it….
 So, if I do five questions in under three minutes… Wait, how’s that work?

He (Brent Fitz) did four questions in a little over three minutes…..
 As long as I tie that little Canadian bastard.


Side note to Fitzy: you set that bar so high it can’t be beat! Actual time check on the above is three and a half questions in the three minutes.

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