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Three Minutes With…Laura Wilde

Three Minutes With………..
Laura Wilde

Described by the Jimmy Star Show as “the talking swagger of a Blondie with the guitar licks of a Lita Ford”, and reminiscent of a young Doro Pesch, Australian singer Laura Wilde can definitely NOT be taken as merely window dressing, a fate that frequently (often incorrectly) befalls many women in music. One song into her set and she proves to even the most skeptical she can rock just as hard as the boys do!  Laura was kind enough to give me “Three Minutes…” after she opened for the Sin City Sinners here in Las Vegas while on a mini tour of the Southwest.

Your question is – is there one song that defines who you are? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of your own.
 Hmmm.. That’s a toughie. “Sold My Soul” That’s actually the title of my album. I don’t want to be one of those self-promoting people, but…..

 Why not? That’s what this is all about!
Well, there you go! It’s the title of my album, it’s “Sold My Soul to Rock N Roll”, the main chorus of the song, it kind of defines me, really.

And that’s your own original song?
Yes. I wrote that one, in about July. I’ve got the “Sold My Soul” video coming out soon, and the album’s coming out on the 31st of January. Check out my website. 

And you covered both things in one shot!
The video, it’s just me, stripped down, who I am. So, it’s all coming soon, and you’ll find out who I am.

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7 Responses to “Three Minutes With…Laura Wilde”
  1. Tim says:

    Okay what I’m thinking… Okay Laura you and I have been friends for awhile now on FB so, a couple of questions… yeah the embarrasing kind. That might even shame me and ban me from friendship for life but if you don’t take chances in life and let things roll along you’ll never know so here it goes… 1.Are you single, I am. 2. You look like a really good cook! what were you cooking? 3. You can get a set of picks on a chain at (kinda like dog tags) at Sam Ash…thats where I got mine. Although I’d rather give you mine. I can’t play for tall hats. 4.How tall are you anywayz? I love the headbangin’ and whoosh all that hair goin’ back and forth… you don’t see that now a days, and your outfits are just awesome! Your guitar playing is exellent.

    Rock On! \m/
    Your Friend~Tim H. (yeah the same from FB mails) :O)<—signature smiley.


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