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Spotlight Band: The Roxy Gunn Project

January 17, 2012 by  
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The Roxy Gunn Project is:
Roxy Gunn – vocals and guitar
The Rev Reject – bass
Jon Mills – guitar
Ryan J – drums

This is one band that can’t simply be pigeonholed into one genre. If I was forced to compare them to existing acts to make it easier for someone else to understand, I’d have to say they’re Joan Jett meets the Cranberries. They have a hard time categorizing themselves! Let’s let them tell you….

Most people who are going to read this are not from this area, this site is actually based in Boston….
RG: SWEET!!! We LOVE Boston!
JM: Go Yankees!
CR: Go Red Sox!
RJ: Go Bruins!

So, how would you guys describe this band to someone who’s never seen you before
RG: You’re pissed off at your boyfriend, and you’re gonna write a song about it, because it’s the only way you know how to release all that anger and hate and things like that. And also some happy times too! Something like you’ve never heard before.
RJ: If you have to categorize it…
RG: Eclectic, folk punk rock.
RJ: Alternative rock…. I don’t know!
JM: Eight things in one.
RJ: We have a lot of influences from different genres that  kind of draw this band together. Quite a cornucopia, if you will.

So, what do you hope someone would come away from a live show thinking?
RG: I wanna see them again! I wanna come back! I wanna buy their album! I wanna raise money to fly them to Boston to come play somewhere! 

So, the question you drew from the Sack o’ Questions is – are there any cardinal rules for traveling/touring?
RG: Yeah. Chris gets his own bus. <laughs>
CR: Fine with me!
RG: No, I don’t think there’s any one real…..
JM: There must be vodka!
RG: No fast food on Sundays!
CR: No pooping in the bus.

That one’s pretty standard.
RG: That’s standard.
RJ: I can, I get up early.
CR: I don’t know about you guys, but I WILL have fast food on Sundays! Sneaking it in… Like a bad drug deal in prison!
JM: You get the fast food, I get the vodka.

Next question drawn is – what drives you to do what you do? 
RG: He got the easy question!
CR: Ummm. A car.
CR: Yeah, THAT makes it sound like we have money!
RJ: It’s a ’94 BMW station wagon. It hauls drums, it’s a great car. Let’s see, what drives me. Well, I think my whole life… I’ve played drums since I was four years old, and that’s pretty much the passion and love of my life as far as artistic expression goes. I’ve been doing it quite a while, and I tried to retire once…
RG: Twice.
CR: Maybe three times.
RJ: Do I hear four? No, just kidding! I retired a couple times from music, and about six months into it I pretty much went insane and had to get back into it. It’s just part of me. I can’t get rid of it. That’s what drives me. And the excitement. The sharing music with people. And being onstage is the greatest feeling pretty much ever. It’s hard to explain. Until you do it, you really don’t understand it. Being onstage is like Fourth of July, your birthday, and Christmas all wrapped up into one!
CR: Without a present.
RJ: The crowd response.
JM: dancing.
RJ: Applause and the dancing is the present.

 What is the Number One thing on your bucket list? 
RG: Great. Oh my God. We’re gonna be here all night! Let me answer for him…It involves Sarah Silverman…
CR: No, that’s a different bucket list! Oh, my bucket list, oh, man, I don’t even know where to go with this…
RG: You wanted to find your real father and Doc Ellis (Sin City Sinners) is him!
CR: I think the one thing I wanna do before I die is see the Cubs at Wrigley Field. You can laugh all you want, but that’s the number one thing on my bucket list. My second favorite baseball team is anyone who beats the Yankees…

And the final question from the Sack is….. Is there one song you wish you had written?
CR: We’re REALLY gonna be here all night!
JM: No, actually, it’s a really simple one. “Scarred” by Dream Theater.

JM: First time I heard it, Dream Theater’s my favorite band, and inspired me to keep playing and get better and it’s my biggest reinforcement, and when I heard the song for the first time, it hit me in a way that no other song has. The emotion, the technicality, they managed to wrap it all into one package. I can definitely say it’s my favorite song of all time, and I wish I had written it.

Any final thoughts?
RG: You can find Roxy Gunn Project on Facebook, and Twitter. And we hope to see you all soon!

And check out their website.

Right after this interview was conducted, Roxy Gunn Project was tapped to film a scene for a film and will be featured on that film’s soundtrack. Here’s a taste: Video of their original song “Where Her Heroes Lie” which was filmed for the movie “Road to Hell”

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  1. Suzie Aunie says:

    I was impressed with the versatility of this amazing band. Each member contributes to their magnetic sound and pulls the audience closer. They are a band you will always want to return to. Please, record “Ring of Fire” on YouTube so that I can hear it again here in Montana.)


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