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Three Minutes With….Paul Shortino

Three Minutes With………..
Paul Shortino

OMG! He’s DUKE FAME!! If you have seen the required rock viewing film This Is Spinal Tap, then you know exactly who Paul Shortino is. (If you haven’t seen it? Never admit to me, but as soon as you’re done reading this interview, go to Netflix or something and watch it!)

Paul has also sung for Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, and currently, King Kobra. I managed to catch Paul at NAMM, in between tours and other projects, and he gave me the lowdown on all the stuff he has coming up, as well as an awesome vacation spot!


Where is the most amazing place you have ever been? Tell me about it….

THAT”S a good question! Tahiti. Beautiful place. It’s definitely the paradise of paradises. Went to the falls… Ran around in the water….. It was just beautiful! It’s such a beautiful place, its where the Hawaiians go to vacation! Hawaii is beautiful, and if the Hawaiians go to Tahiti to vacation, that’s how beautiful it is! I was there for two weeks and didn’t want to come home!

Now tell me what you have going on!

What I’ve got going on…  I’m doing a new King Kobra record. I’m leaving for Spain at the end of February. Going for like three weeks – we are doing Spain, Britian, and other parts of Europe. I come home and continue working on the new King Kobra record, and I’m working on a record with Carmine Appice, with a guy named Javier Vargas, on  Warner Brothers, and that comes out in September. And we are touring with that project right now. I’m excited just to be working!

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