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Review & Exclusive Photos: Hole Reunite at “Hit So Hard” Documentary Premiere

Hit So Hard Premiere / Hole Reunion
Public Assembly
Williamsburg / Brooklyn, NY
April 14, 2012
Review & Photos: Antonio Marino Jr.

It was only for one song but the reunion of the classic Hole lineup has had the social media universe buzzing. Few things that Courtney Love does can be called low key but the get-together early Saturday morning, at the bar Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was kept under wraps for the simple reason that no one was sure that it was going to happen until the moment Courtney appeared on stage. Bassist Melissa Auf der Maur made reference to a certain “Miss World” being in attendance and after a few minutes of wondering “is she really here?” the 200 or so people present erupted as she walked onto the stage.  

Adding to the anticipation, the guitar that Courtney had been handed had no strap (she joked that it was a passive aggressive move) and while one was tracked down the realization that this was really going to happen started to set in. Reportedly the four had gathered very briefly earlier in the evening to discuss what song they would play. As the opening cords of “Miss World” rang out, the fuse was lit and the magic was set in motion. Sounding as if 1994 was yesterday the band showed no signs of rust or the slightest bit of trepidation. There’s no arguing that Hole is Courtney Love’s band but without the perfect guitar tone of Eric Erlandson, urgent pounding of Patty Schemel and the rock swagger of Auf der Maur it’s not Hole – at least it’s not the band I want to see. This band – as assembled can take the stage with any band anywhere and they will leave the sweaty, lipstick smeared victor.
Unfortunately, what has been lost in the excitement of the reunion is the reason for this special occasion. Hit So Hard, the documentary about drummer Patty Schemel’s amazing journey had it’s premiere Friday in New York City. All of the members of Hole are interviewed in the movie and are very candid about some of the not so nice things that led to the band coming apart. That is what makes this reunion all the more special. It’s what turned a cordial hug between Courtney and Eric to an extended embrace between two friends who have been through hell and back and have each other to thank for the survival. 
I don’t think anyone knows what’s next but it was clear that the door to some much needed healing has been cracked open. And as we learn in Hit so Hard, some incredible things can happen when you allow yourself to heal.
View Our Gallery of Photos From The Event:

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