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Concert Review: Lynch Mob at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA

Lynch Mob
Showcase Live
Foxboro, MA
May 11, 2012

Reviewed By: Roger Scales

It started like any other night as I headed down Route 1 in Foxboro towards Gillette Stadium, just another warm May night in New England.  When I arrived at Patriots Place I first noticed the soccer crowd tailgating and then..a line waiting to get into Showcase Live?  Well, why not?  The concert was booked close to 10 months prior to show date and it’s been a long time in between local Lynch gigs, prior to this week anyway.  Foxboro was the last stop on the line after shows in Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island and the fans were chomping at the bit waiting for some serious guitar playing and a showcase of the best Lynch Mob lineup since the debut album.

  Having Oni Logan back fronting the band probably meant a heavy dose of the first record, not that anyone in attendance would complain much.  This would also be the first time bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Scott Coogan have joined the ranks of The Mob as permanent members full time after both recently announcing their departures from RATT and Ace Frehley respectively.  With lots to live up to, expectations running was finally time to dim the lights and get things started.  Lynch Mob delivered a solid set, somewhat lacking in imaginative song selection and set length, but that was more than made up with Crane, Coogan and Logan holding up quite well in support and with Lynch himself proving to me once and for all he is the riff master and without question the fiercest player that I have ever seen live.

Opening with the slow and moody “She’s So Evil, But She’s Mine” the band really connected with the crowd on song number two as they busted the damn wide open with “River of Love”.  That had the Mob fans in a fury!  The thing that I was looking for was the chemistry between the four and they had it all night long.  They band seemed loose, looked like they were having a good time as they headed into the middle of the set with a few songs off Smoke and Mirrors like “Revolution Heroes” and “We Will Remain” including some great vocals moments from Oni.  The guy knows his limitations and never tries to go to a level he cannot possible reach.  He loves his maracas and tambourines so I think that keeps in tune with the rest of the band.

The only problem I had with the set is that were almost NO surprises, rare songs and most of all NOTHING off the self-titled Lynch Mob record from 1992.  Granted Robert Mason had replaced the departed Oni but there are some of the best L Mob tracks off that record including “Love Find’s A Way” and “Dream Until Tomorrow” as my personal choices.  I’m sure it’s Logan who has probably resisted but it’s possible Lynch himself deems the album too polished and commercial.  Whatever the reason, you’re cheating the fans and yourselves of performing some truly memorable songs.  Also the Dokken tracks “Into the Fire”, “Tooth and Nail” and to a lesser extent “Mr. Scary” are all very safe and predictable and frankly “been done”.  This lineup has been around long enough that some different ones should be shuffled into the set. 

Hey look I’m only downing the song selection and maybe I would have been okay with it had they played a few more tunes into a somewhat short set to begin with.  Having said that, George was on fire all night long (I mean this literally as George is chain-smoking like crazy these days).  His ripping solo on “All I Want” and “Wicked Sensation” had the hair on my arms standing up!!  The speed on the fret board was eye popping and we got a few extended leads on “Sweet Sister Mercy” and “Where Do You Sleep At Night?”   Well worth the price of admission.  Hey let’s face it, fans had a decision to make on this night as Dokken was playing at Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire just a short drive up RT. 95.   I can honestly say given the choice myself I know I made the right decision as George Lynch was the reason I loved Dokken as much as I did back in the day.  Given the current state of Don Dokken’s voice these days, the impending T and N project featuring George, along with former bandmates Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown, I think no matter what choice George makes or what project he gets involved with I think the fan’s choice will speak for itself.    

If this writer’s voice could be heard I think I could speak for “Lynch Nation” when I say don’t look back George, the future of Lynch Mob is a bright one, especially with this solid lineup.  The fans all have an emotional attachment to Dokken and by getting it back with Jeff and Mick the chain has definitely been made stronger by ridding itself of its weakest link.  Touché!!

Set List:
She’s So Evil, But She’s Mine
River of Love
Hell Child
Revolution Heroes
Into The Fire
We Will Remain
All I Want
Mr. Scary
Where Do You Sleep at Night?
Sweet Sister Mercy
Wicked Sensation
Tooth and Nail

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