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Three Minutes With…Trent Anderson

Three Minutes With…
Trent Anderson

You may not be familiar with his name, but you are more than likely familiar with some of his projects in one way or another. He currently plays drums for Bang Tango, but has also played with Chicago glam band D’Molls and played in a band called Blackbone with former Saliva singer Josey Scott. Trent and I caught up by phone a couple of months ago and he gave his thoughts how fans are somewhat gypped nowadays comparatively. Check it out!

So, the question I drew for you is… What is the one thing you think is the biggest thing missing from music today?
Wow….. That’s a pretty broad question. Wow. There’s so many sub-categories in that. Basically, I think what’s missing from music now is that its kind of gotten stale and then become more corporate entities making their money, making their numbers, and not so much about the great song or the great band or the art. It used to be that when you would walk into a CD store or a record store and you could look at the album cover and that actually meant something for the album. Nowadays, its based on downloads and whatnot. That’s great, and the technology is awesome, but the lost art of basically the entire package when you get a CD or an album and you open it up and the liner notes inside, and in tomorrow’s world, I’m not sure that’s going to still be relevant or not. I think that the younger generation is missing out on something that was really great back in the day, and I guess we can blame the industry for that. It’s just that technology grows and unfortunately I think that’s one of the lost arts. Now you go, OK cool. How many songs have I downloaded? How many have they sold? Its not about getting the full package anymore. It doesn’t create that whole image for a band anymore. So thats probably my major thing about what’s missing in music today.

Wow. You’re right I miss wandering into a record store to just look around and see what catches my eye.
Yeah, that’s kind of what this band is all about. Now, you have to go find it on YouTube, if you even hear about the band. There’s a lot of great bands that are kind of lost in the shuffle because the avenues or opportunities to forward them into something new. On the other side of things though, it’s wide open, you have more chances to sell music,  and actually make more money than you would if you were on a record label. There’s the downside and the upside to it. But I think if you want to look at it as a package and go out, you can create the need or the want for a certain band – Motley Crue comes to mind – when you saw them, you were intrigued, Wow. What is this whole thing about? Then you heard the music and saw the album cover and it drew you in. Now, there’s nothing to draw in except for a download, and maybe you can catch them on YouTube. I could talk for hours and days about that. But one of the things we did with the new Bang Tango record was that we gave you an album cover that you can actually open up and when you open the CD insert, its a mini… give you a little bit about what the CD is about, its called Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt, and its about going through the ranks of relationships, and in the South, which is referred to as the Bible Belt, its a rougher world financially, a rougher world racially, and in many different avenues. And when you bought the CD, you got something more, you got a cool album cover, youre not going to put it on your wall, but…. Not many people are doing that anymore, but the bottom line is, its a cool album cover. Something cool to look at, something better, to make you go Wow. I’m glad I bought this CD, not just the download.

I haven’t seen many bands that do that anymore, if any….
No. It’s a lost art.

I’m going to have to check it out!
Let me know what you think….

Oh, I will! In my world, music has two genres – stuff I like, and stuff I don’t like. And now you can promote whatever you want to talk about!
I just want to say, thank you and to promote the new Bang Tango album Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt. We are going out on the Monsters of Rock cruise, and there’s a big announcement coming for a festival that we are going to be involved with, and we have a lot of dates with Lynch Mob coming up. And PLEASE come out and support live music – whether it be Bang Tango or anybody! That’s another art thats kind of getting lost in the shuffle, and we are losing people, and it’s not just falling on Bang Tango – it’s all around the world. People are not going out to shows and supporting live music more.

And there you have it folks, something I’ve said for a long time…. Support your local music scene – because they need you!

Bang Tango then:

And now:

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