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CD Review: Tango Down / Identity Crisis

Tango Down
Identity Crisis
Kivel Records
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

Tango Down packs a huge, huge punch with their third album Identitty Crisis..oops I spelled that wrong, it’s Identity Crisis..damn you Kivel with your album cover models!  This album is full of great stuff on harmonies, some nasty guitar work, catchy hooks and seemingly unostentatious but very very addictive lyrics.  Great driving music for someone like me on the road as often as I am, this cd has yet to leave my car since I got my hands on it.  I’m already singing along to the tracks and doing my best air guitar when I’m at traffic lights!  Easily my favorite cd of 2012..this gets full 80’s guy Approval!

Right from the first track “Crying To Me” you get the feeling that guitar player Scott “Rif” Miller means business and business is good!  Bold hooks leading to some very potent vocals from David Reece makes this one of the albums best cuts.  So important for an opening cut to grab you by the neck & strangle you with attitude..this one makes you sit up & take notice for the road to come.  Jamie Rowe is listed as adding some of the lyrics along with Miller..interesting.

“Alone” has some very cool haunting keyboard work and has even more harmonies than the opener.  More great guitar work from Miller on the bridge.  This track has arena rock written all over’d swear this song came out in 1988..& I mean that with the greatest of sincerity.

“Dream Child” sounds like a leftover Van Halen tune held over from the vintage Roth era.  Good rocker with catchy lyrics.  I love the drumming from Keith “Bam Bam” Michaels on this tune.  Steady but heavy..good stuff.

“Blame” has the precise lyrics of any song on this album.  “Blame it on you..blame it on me..blame it on everyone cause that’s what we do”.  So true when any relationship breaks down no one likes to take ownership and fingers constantly get pointed.  Mid tempo track would work well with acoustic guitars as well I think. 

“Corners of My Mind” is the kind of song that starts of mid tempo & it just grows & grows to this gigantic chorus that takes your breath away.  Arguably the best Reece vocal on this album.  I can’t wait to see this one in a live environment.  Nice job David.    I really enjoyed the finger picking guitar work after the second chorus and two part harmonies at the end of the song.

“Enlighten Me” is the strongest song on the album.  Tight, this one has the best harmonies combined with the nastiest guitar solo on any track can be found here.  If I were picking a first single/video from “Identity Crisis” it would be this song.

“Back to Life” would have worked better as a slower ballad..I think.  Although the solo is killer I would have changed the tempo to a slower pace..if for no other reason than to offer some diversity.  Still a quality song just a small concession from me.

“Hearts Catch Fire” has that groove that has hands clapping, feet tapping, and butts shaking..especially that of cover model Alix Freihage! I digress..great bass work from Chris Konya on this one.  Somehow I see this on a movie soundtrack..

“Calling Out “continues with more slick keyboards, crunchy guitars & a captivating chorus. I could see Reece fetching crowd members to sing along with the band to this one.  Has that crowd chanting sing a long feel to it.

“Magic Pudding” is a stripper’s dream song..slow bluesy & a little wild & crazy.  Catchy lyrics this song is pure fun.  Only one thing wrong with’s the last one!

There really isn’t a bad song on this album.  I tried to find one I could fast forward to in the car but I could not.  If the intent was to bring fans on a fast ride, singing along & playing drums on the dashboard of your car then mission accomplished.  I hope this lineup of Tango Down stays intact and gets out on the road so fans can enjoy this jem in its entirety.  No one can RIVAL KIVEL when it comes to melodic rock at its finest.       

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