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CD/DVD Review: Triumph / Live at Sweden Rock Festival

Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2008
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

Twenty years is a long time for any band just to pick up where they left off.  The circumstances that initiallybrought Rik Emmitt, Gil Moore and Mike Levine back together was their induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame back in 2007.  It broke a long standing silence between Rik and his former bandmates.  Talking together and then taking the next step to actually performing together again are two separate undertakings.

Rik has been on record stating that his brother was dying of cancer and one of the things that they talked about was any unfinished business.  One thing he mentioned was that he wanted to see Triumph back together again before he died.  Rik needed to be able to put aside years of disconnect and be able to put into perspective the possibility this hall of fame induction had given him.  He acted upon it and the performance speaks for itself.

Triumph was really one of the godfathers of” Arena Rock” and built a rabid fanbase mostly by touring non-stop throughout Canada and the US from the mid 70’s into the late 80’s.  A string of gold and platinum albums such as Progressions of Power, Allied Forces, Never Surrender and Thunder Seven made Triumph a top concert draw.  This reunion show now available as a CD/DVD combo contains some of the bands biggest hits such as “Lay it on The Line”, “Allied Forces”, “Never Surrender”, “Magic Power” and “Fight The Good Fight.”  Along with guitarist Dave Dunlop adding some additional punch to the songs Triumph’s return was well worth the wait.  Rik and Gil’s vocals have held up quite nicely and it seemed the guys were able to pick up where they left off.  The DVD also offers their Sweden Press Conference and some additional behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery.

There are going to be rumors every year of a full Triumph tour and maybe a new record mainly because fans would like to see it happen.  Levine and Moore are apparently not that interested in touring any longer and are content with going out on a high note.  What happens next remains to be seen but Live at Sweden Rock Festival does bring a sort of closure that Emmitt may been looking for when he made that promise to his dying brother.  Let’s hope for any Rock fan that this is not the bands swan song but if it is what a way to go out.  Who knows..maybe this release will springboard a whole new chapter in the Triumph Story.  One can only wish..

Set List
When the Lights Go Down
Lay It On The Line
Allied Forces
Never Surrender
I Live For The Weekend
Blinding Light Show/Moon Child
Rocky Mountain Way
Magic Power
Rock N Roll Machine
Fight The Good Fight

Visit the Triumph website for more details

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