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Getting to Know Guitarist Ethan Brosh

Studioshoot_42Ethan Brosh is a throwback guitar shredder sent direct from 1988!  Old school style playing combined with a young ferocious approach to the guitar, Ethan is destined to join the ranks of Lynch, Kotzen, Becker, Malmsteen, MacAlpine and countless others that have redefined the hard rock guitar genre. 

TWRY had the chance to catch up Ethan in Boston recently as he is out supporting Yngwie Malmsteen across a 25 city tour of the States.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Ethan, your first record Out of Oblivion was released on Magna Carta Records in 2009 and featured a plethora of Rock Giants such as Mike Mangini, George Lynch, Greg Howe and others.  With the soon to be released second record Live The Dream can fans expect a similar effort?

With Live The Dream I have really tried to put my primary focus more on the production value and more of an emphasis on my own playing on this record as well.  I did however recruit Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) to play bass on it.  I was lucky enough to have Max Norman (Ozzy Osborne, Y&T, Savatage, Loudness, Armored Saint) come out of retirement after a roughly 20 year hiatus to mix the record.  Hell he worked with Randy Rhoades and Jake E Lee two monsters in my guitar world!  Max came out of retirement just to work on this one record! Max and I worked in Stamford, CT to record and then moved up to Portland, Maine to master the record with Bob Ludwig (AC/DC, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Def Leppard, The Who) who is one of the greatest engineers in the history of Rock n Roll.  So this album has New England roots set for sure! I’m extremely pleased with the results. 

You seem to keep yourself very busy beyond your solo work.  You’re also a part of Angels of Babylon (also featuring Dave Ellefson) whose first record Kingdom of Evil was released back in 2010.  Did you actually tour in support of that album?  What is your current status with the band?

We toured a little bit in North America in support of KOE when the record first was released but nothing since then.  Rhino (drummer & co-founder of Angels of Babylon) is about to release the second Angels of Babylon record on an Italian label Scarlet records which should see the light of day very soon.  Sadly I had to leave AOB to focus in on my solo band & also my other original band Burning Heat.

When will we hear the next Burning Heat record?

We have just completed work on a 5 song EP and it will be available on the second leg of this Yngwie tour.   All New England guys, we met at Berklee and around the area.

This current tour with Yngwie Malmsteen must be a match made in heaven for you as a guitar fan as well as a guitar player?

It sure is.  I couldn’t think of a better tour to feature my instrumental band.  Yngwie is the king of rock guitar playing as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a big deal for me.  I was hoping for an opportunity to be able to reach a whole other fan base with these shows and by the response I have been getting after my set at the merchandise booth meeting the fans I think I have.

Unlike a lot of your contemporary guitar players who typically stick with one model or style of guitar in the shots I have seen of you online you are almost never with the same guitar twice.  Why is that?

Playing different guitars is almost like wearing twenty different types of t-shirts.  When day you’re in the mood for a black t-shirt and another day you maybe in the mood for a blue t-shirt.  Certain guitars just seem to work for certain moods or settings.  I’m a tone freak. I’m always searching for different types of tones.  Different distortion sounds and there is no way that one guitar can do it all.  There is no perfect guitar. It doesn’t exist.  I do like many different models.  I’m still searching for something that feels very comfortable with my hands and I still haven’t found it.

Who is your biggest guitar hero?

I don’t have one.  My all time favorite band that prompted me to pick up a guitar is Iron Maiden.  Malmsteen, Lynch, Howe –  all friends who I admire a great deal.  One of my favorite contemporary guitar players is Tommy Emmanuel is playing in Boston on June 20 at the Wilbur Theater and I will be here with a ticket unless I’m opening up for him by then! 

What message to have for folks who maybe unfamiliar with Ethan Brosh?

I love 80’s hard rock and glam bands..all of them.  Anything that had a huge guitar sound is something that has heavily influenced me and my playing.  I want to stress that I do try to create something a little different and I’m not a direct Yngwie clone. There are enough of them out there already.   There are so many players that truly attempted to be an exact clone but it hasn’t worked.  He’s a huge influence on me and I think the fans that I have met so far on this tour enjoy the connection that I bring in getting them ready for The King Of Guitar as he hits the stage.   Come by and say hello while I’m on tour and hope you all enjoy Live The Dream very soon.    


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