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Concert Review + Photos: Orianthi at Webster Hall in NYC, NY

July 22, 2013 by  
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Orianthi / 2013Orianthi
July 16, 2013
Webster Hall – NYC, NY
Photos + Review: Antonio Marino Jr.

If you didn’t know any better, a quick glance at Orianthi’s resume would have you believe that she’s a seasoned musician who is well into a 20-30 year career. The fact is that at 28 years of age, Orianthi’s accomplishments put to shame those of musicians many years her senior. She’s received the guidance and praise of guitar legends Steve Vai and Carlos Santana who became award of her talent when she was still a teenager.In 2009 she landed the star-making gig of gigs; lead guitarist for Michael Jackson’s sold-out comeback tour. The tour, of course, was never to be but the movie created from the rehearsals footage was a box office smash and the ever present blonde playing guitar saw her star beginning to quickly rise.Orianthi has released three full length albums, each release has shown tremendous growth as an artist and her latest release Heaven in this Hell sees her reaching a soulful energy that at times in the past may have gotten lost in mix. It’s that soulful energy that was fully on display at her show in New York City this past week. She is currently on tour with Alice Cooper, who she has toured with since 2011. Most musicians see a day off on tour as a good time to catch up on sleep or partake in some rockstar mischief. The intrepid Orianthi sees it as a perfect chance to jam with fellow Alice Cooper bandmates, Chuck Garric (bass) and Glen Sobel (drums).

The 14 song set (at Webster Hall’s Marlin Room), mainly featuring songs from her last two releases, sounded impressively tight considering the fact that this was a one-off gig. Perhaps most surprising is Orianthi’s voice. For someone known, almost solely, for her guitar prowess she delivers her vocals with a sweaty juke-joint blues vibe that goes hand and hand with her stage presence. Somewhere between the alley cat coolness of Stevie Ray Vaughn and the laid-back gypsy charm of Hendrix she manages to differ attention from the fact that she’s quite attractive. Too many female artist, even talented one, rely on their looks to get them attention. She surely doesn’t lack style but it’s clear that substance is paramount.

Songs like “Think Like a Man” and “Bad News” from her second album Believe are given new life in a live setting. Stripped down and delivered in a no-nonsense way that provide for some of the more stellar highlights of the evening. The instrumental “Song for Steve”, (Her tribute/Thank You to Steve Vai) made for a good vehicle to flex her guitar muscle. However, like most treats, the best are saved for last. Before she could even announce it, Alice Cooper jumped on stage. Thankfully, they didn’t take the predictable road of “I’m Eighteen” or “School’s Out” instead they ripped into an ass-kicking version of the Hendrix classic “Foxy Lady”. Alice, very much out of character, couldn’t stop smiling. His joy was genuine, which added to the fun. At this point in his career Cooper doesn’t have to do favors for “the kids” in the band. The fact that he would come down on his day off and let his hair down and be one of the guys is very telling of the kind of person he is and also quite telling of what he thinks of his gifted guitarist.

It’s comforting to see that as Orianthi’s star continues to rise her growth as an artist hasn’t been compromised. Quite to the contrary. Thankfully this shooting star is here for the long run.

View Photos from Orianthi’s Show at Webster Hall:

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One Response to “Concert Review + Photos: Orianthi at Webster Hall in NYC, NY”
  1. L.D. says:

    Excellent and insightful review! I forgot Miss Ori P. had a great voice as well. Personally, I believe Orianthi is a wonderfully gifted young performer who takes her work very seriously and it shows. I support true talent always! Thanks!

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