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Catching Up With…Laura Wilde

laurawildedean2Laura, you are currently out on the road with Ted Nugent playing around 40 dates or so.  How has the tour been going so far?
It has been fantastic!  We have really been enjoying the shows and being able to watch Ted every night and seeing how he performs is such a great experience.  To see the USA in all its beauty in different cities every single day, we are just so fortunate to have this opportunity.  

Is it intimating at all opening for such a legendary performer?
It is to a certain extent but I have found out that he is very nurturing and I have learned a lot from Ted.

Now this is your 2nd time out with Ted you toured with him last summer as well correct?
Yes.  This time around we are hitting a lot of different markets from last year.  We are focusing on a lot of North East states that we didn’t play for last year so we are really making a whole new bunch of friends and it’s been so much fun.

As a native Australian are you familiar with Ted’s often outrageous and over the top political views?
I wasn’t before last year but I certainly am now.  We get a ton of press following us along in different cities and there are protesters from now and then.  Mostly peaceful so we have not been in the middle of anything too hectic.

You’re no relation to Kim Wilde the English pop singer who had a huge international hit song “Kids in America?”   
No.  (laughs) But I am a fan of her music!

There are a lot of different influences I can hear on your debut album Sold My Soul.  Everything from blues, to glam rock, to punk.  How would you describe Laura Wilde in terms of what musical genre you see yourself falling into?
I would probably say that it’s a mix between classic rock n roll with some glam and punk infusions.  There are also a few melodic tracks thrown in there as well.  It’s a melting pot really of all the various bands and artists that I listened to growing up.    

How long did Sold My Soul take to record?
It took over four years actually.  The first track “All Alone “was recorded when I was first out of high school in 2008.  The last track Sold My Soul was finished in December 2012.  In that time a lot of events occurred which somewhat delayed the process of getting it completed.  I moved over to the United States, I had to hook up with the right people once I got here to help me finish the album off.  I even managed to produce a track myself and play all the instruments on it.  That was a huge learning curve for me.  The process didn’t actually take as long as I thought it might but meeting with the right people, forging ahead to a release date that took more time that the creative and recording process did.      

Did you write all of those songs yourself?
About half of them by myself and then the other half with various collaborators as well.

Who owns the station wagon used in the video for Sold My Soul?   Where was that video shot?
That was from “Rent a Wreck”!  I wished that I had owned it.  It was in mint condition.  Everything was perfect.  Everything worked.  There was not a scratch or a ding.  It was just an old school car.  It had that vintage appeal.  That was shot about 40 minutes out of LA somewhere in the dessert.    

Do you model yourself after any female performers & who would they be?
Well I grew up listening to Shirley Manson (Garbage), Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro.  You can only take little pieces away from each of them and form your own character.  I think it’s important to be yourself and not exactly try and replicate any one artist.   

Now that you have been in the US for a long stretch do you get male fans comparing you at all to Lita Ford?
Constantly!  I wasn’t that familiar with her music growing up in Australia just because I wasn’t that exposed to her music.  I’m familiar with her work now that I have been here and keep hearing these comparisons and have since become a fan.

Let’s face it a Ted Nugent crowd isn’t exactly in your age bracket. Who do you think your target audience is?
I can’t really say I have a particular target audience in mind.  Any crowd that likes good rock n roll music and an energetic live performance is what I’m shooting for.  Anyone who can appreciate that is who I’m trying to appeal to.

How much of the current set list that you’re performing on this tour pulls from Sold My Soul?
About 4 songs are from Sold My Soul and the rest are new tracks that we are working on for the next record.  We also do an AC/DC cover “Jailbreak”.  

Are you currently working on material for a new album and when cans fans expect to hear new music?
We are hoping to head into the studio in October.  Then release the album in early 2014.

Are you a self taught musician?
Pretty much.  I did some classical singing lessons but have never taken any contemporary vocal lessons.  I have had a few guitar lessons here and there but I’m primarily self taught as I was growing up.  Very recently I had a few lessons with Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro) who has won all types of awards over the years in various guitar magazines for his playing.  That different type of style of playing has really helped me a lot.  He really knows his stuff.

What was the first album you bought with your own money?
Americana by The Offspring.

Are your parents very supportive of your musical endeavors?
Very supportive. They have given me a chance to shine and I couldn’t have done it without them.  They came over to America when I wanted to take the next step in my musical career and now live in Los Angeles. 

What is next for Laura Wilde?
I will be touring the US until early September then we are headed over to London and will do a UK tour. Those details are still being worked out so it’s not clear if I will be headlining smaller venues or on a bill supporting a bigger act.  Then right into the studio in the fall and release it early next year and then start the whole touring process over again.  If you’re coming to a Ted Nugent show please drop by and say hello.  I always come out and meet/greet with fans after my set.  See you on the road!

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