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Spotlight Interview: Lucas D’Agata of Serosia


Serosia is:

Lucas D’Agata – Vocals
Anthony D’Agata – Drums
Derek Troxell – Guitar
Joseph Kuban – Bass

When I read that the band Serosia is from Dallas and after listening to Superpostion my initial thought was cool…these guys must have grown up listening to Pantera.  Am I right?

Yes definitely, we all listened to Pantera for sure.  That Dallas line gets drawn all the time being from the Dallas area.  However, if we had to pick one band that we all universally draw from within as the major influence it would have to be the Deftones.

 How long have you guys known each other and when did you start playing together?

I’ve been playing with my brother (drummer Anthony D’Agata) from day onr.   Derek (Troxell -lead guitar) and I met around 2005 or so.  We started to play together in Serosia in 2007. I have known Joseph (Kuban – bass guitar) for quite awhile now.  I think we first met when I was 14 or 15 years old in his first band.  We had sort of an on again/off again type musical relationship hook up play some tunes until we were finally able to get him in the band and it’s been wild and crazy ever since.     

Now playing with your brother in a band must have been a bit crazy at home.  Were your parents supportive of your musical endeavors from day one?  

Yes.  100%.  Having a drummer and (at the time) a guitar player in the home it could get quite loud at times.  We lived in an apartment above a barber shop in North Andover, Massachusetts.  We got a ton of noise complaints growing up but as far as us being into playing music for a living and making a career of it they have always been behind us.

Wow.. a New England Boston connection.  How long where you living up north?

I was born in Texas but my brother was born in Boston. We were raised in that area and were there about 15 years or so.  My dad was a Yankees fan so that was a little tough to deal with for sure!

What kind of music dominated your home growing up?  Country?  Rock? 

Most definitely Rock n’ Roll.  From both sides – my mom and my dad.  They were musicians themselves in band while we were growing up.  I recall my dad showing us an Alice Cooper record when we were real small and asking the both of us not to let Mom know.   

Now your latest EP is Variables and is the band’s 4th release.  How does it differ if at all from your first record The Current State of Being?

It had a lot more time put into it in terms of pre-production so that we had a vision and a plan heading into the studio.  About six month’s worth of game planning and work with our manager Christian Machado (Lead singer Ill Nino.) We started writing Variables right after we finished our previous EP The Vehicle.  It was in constant production where we would be going back and forth with him track by track during the entire process.  Eventually we recorded the record with him in New Jersey and we are really happy with it.

Lucas, you are the chief lyricist within the band. Is this by design or circumstance?

By design.  That being said we do have a song on Variables called “The Architect” that was written all together as a band. It’s about creating your own destiny.  Creating the world around you each day that you live and knowing that you have the power to do that if you just realize you have that power to do that.  Some people have a built in natural tendency to just plug into life and just go with the flow and have other people make decisions for them.  That song was written by all of us that started originally as an idea or concept of what it was going to be about and then the music accompanied that afterwards.  Lyrics have always been my thing.  I like to write and I like to express the emotions that I go though in life.          

Where was the video for your first single from Variables Superpostion shot and is there a particular theme behind the quick shot format used in it?

Yes.  The song itself is a supposition based on the quantum theory that a particle can technically be in two places and the same space at one time.  The quick shots start with plain clothes and then go to pure black.  That’s the kind of the take on that as best as we could visualize it.  The switching in between our two personalities and being two different people in the same room in the same exact place all at once is our best attempt to show you that.    

The band is currently set to head out on tour with Sevendust starting September 18 in Las Vegas.  Have you played with other National touring acts in the past?

We did a tour about a year or a year and a half ago with a band called Parabelle featuring Kevin Madison, the former lead singer of Evans Blue.  We had a blast playing with those guys.  Joseph toured quite extensively with his former band.  But as Serosia this will be the be the first big step for us.  

The tour appears to be predominately mid west to the south are there any plans to extend the dates to the east coast?

There are a few more dates that are going to be added but they have yet to be confirmed at this time.  It doesn’t appear we will hit the north east quite yet.   On our next run of dates we will hit New England and also California.  Anywhere that will accept us we are ready to play.

As performers do any of you have any pre-show rituals or do you have any unusual or unique vocal techniques you use while on tour or before a gig?

Not really anything that I would deem unusual.  Typical 30 minute vocal warm-up that I do with Joseph.  We always gather together as a band with the crew and try and say something to each other before heading out on stage.   Wish each other the best for a great performance.  For me personally I do always make sure my back is cracked before heading out on stage.    

Who do you think is Serosia’s target audience?  Do you get to play predominately all ages shows or are they night clubs 21+?

The way it turns out in Dallas it seems as though most of the shows are 18 or 21+.   When we do play all ages shows the response seems to be much more intense.  It seems like in Dallas we are starting to hit that demographic where the fans are into it but they are just not as physically active as an under 18 crowd.  We defiantly like playing to both because each crowd seems to take something different from one of our gigs.  This tour does have quite a few all ages’ shows so we are excited for that because our stage show is quite intense and the younger kids seem to feel that intensity and go with it.    

Are you still getting used to fan’s approaching you for a photo or to sign a CD after a show?

It’s been something that has been pretty constant since we started playing. Since Variables was released we have been getting much more of that attention.  I don’t even know if that type of praise or attention is something that you ever get used to as a normal activity but it’s always a great feeling when someone wants to take the time to reach out to you.   Over time you know how to react to it better than you did when it first occurred.  Now it’s a lot easier. You do see value in that interaction or a photo through social networking.  The fan walking away happy is really all we want as band.  Anything we can do to make that happen will always be a big part of who we are.

Is there anyone you have met in this business that made you feel overwhelmed when you first met them?

There was one time where we were lucky enough to be invited to a show in Belton, Texas at the Bell County Expo Center.  The bands were Mudvayne and Nonpoint.   Massive show and we had full access.  Vinnie Paul was backstage grilling Jalapeño Poppers for everyone in both bands crew and the guests.   To see him cooking for everyone was really overwhelming.  Something I will never forget. 

What is the best piece of advice anyone within the music business?  Who was it and why did resonate with you so deeply?

My dad basically told the both of us that whatever you want go for it and don’t give up and you’ll succeed.  That simple phrase has stuck with me all my life.  A similar message that I have also carried with me from our manager Christian Machado was to stay focused and always be yourself and don’t turn into someone else just to make a buck or just to turn over more cds.  Be real and the fans can relate to that.  This band has taken the philosophy that we are the same people off stage as on.         

What is the future for Serosia?

After this tour we will come back home and then hopefully within a month or so head back out on the road again.  Sustain us till the end of 2013 and then come 2014 hopefully generate some buzz and keep touring and getting our music out to the masses.  Playing shows is what we love to do and we want to play as many as possible and meet as many fans as possible at the same time.   

For more on Serosia:

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