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Bobbie Brown Talks ‘Dirty Rocker Boys’

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81zW7nwfc0LAs the “Cherry Pie” girl, women wanted to be Bobbie Brown and men wanted to be with Bobbie Brown.

In her new book Dirty Rocker Boys  – the original video vixen lays it all out on the line. Brown speaks candidly about her colorful life and career, reflecting on everything from her marriage to Warrant frontman Jani Lane and his tragic passing to her tumultuous relationship with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. Brown has led a remarkable life and she shares both the highs and lows throughout her new memoir.

TWRY recently caught up with Brown to talk about the new book, her extraordinary  life and what she’s currently up to.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales

After reading your book Dirty Rocker Boys, it seems that it is as much an autobiographical sketch of your life story as it is a story of the LA Rock scene of the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s do you agree?

I do.  I totally do.

After finishing this book I picked 3 words that I feel best describe Bobbie Brown: Survivor, fighter and charmer. What three words do you feel best describe you?

Grateful, reliable, matured. Mostly grateful..

Do you think that the abusive relationship that you witnessed between your Mom and Dad detailed in the book affected your future relationships with men?

You know, I never thought about it as I was going though it but later on my friends would point this out to me. I guess it had something to do with it. I never went to therapy and got the textbook definition for this but clearly there is something to it.    

Without giving away any details from the book I needed a depth chart to keep track of your various liaisons. The details about some of these relationships are not exactly going to paint a great picture about some of them. You shoot from the hip throughout the book but did you have any second thoughts at all as you went through these encounters/relationships about possibly not including certain aspects of them?

I did have reservations about divulging too much information and there are certain stories within the book that I’m a little vague about but I’m totally honest and completely forthright and tried to tell everything.  But there are certain instances where out of respect for certain people that I didn’t completely go “all out”.  There were some stories that were way worse than portrayed in the book and I didn’t want to completely gross the entire world out. 

The book made little or no mention of Jani Lane’s family.  Because you were married and have a daughter together were you close to them at all and does your daughter Taylor have a relationship with her father’s family? 

No, I was not close with them.  I was closest with his father and he died years ago actually writing me a letter.  Taylor has never been close to them either.  It really wasn’t our choice.  Circumstance was just that because of the type of relationship Jani and I had it just wasn’t meant to be.

In the Motley Crue tell all book The Dirt published in 2002, Chapter 11 “The Guns, The Women, The Ego” Tommy Lee paints a rather detailed account of your relationship and breakup within the first four pages.  Regardless of the actual details of you coming into the house to gather your personal belongings and Tommy sitting in the back of the cruiser after being arrested for assault his next line in the book was “But here’s the sick thing about love..I fucking missed her and she was totally missing me too. It turned out to be one of those relationships that needed to be shot and put out of its fucking misery” Do you agree with this assessment?

I never read the book actually until fairly recently.  When I read it, it was completely not how I remembered it.  His general recollections of our relationship are not how I recalled them at all either.  If that’s how he felt about our relationship at the end that’s all on him because it wasn’t ALL bad.  When someone has done something that cannot be forgiven like his cheating on me. I was abusing drugs and he was also and he was physically abusing me at the same time it was sad for sure.  I wouldn’t say it needed to be shot and put out of its misery..that’s pretty hardcore!      

Speaking of Motley Crue – you almost hit the trifecta from Tommy, to a near miss with Nixxi Sixx, to a long night of making out with John Corabi plus some advances from Vince Neil, Mick Mars comes out of this looking like the gentleman of the group.  Is this a fair assumption?        

You know what, he totally was and he even contacted me years later on MySpace (she laughs) and just wanted to say hello and how bad he felt about what had happened with Tommy but that he had really liked me.  So yes, he is a total gentleman then and now. 

You had some interesting stories concerning twins.  One with the Chippendales dancer you met but ended up in bed with his brother and the other involving Matthew and Gunnar Nelson. Looking back, if Matthew had not been a twin do you think that relationship could have been different?

Yes.  I do.  I looked at it then as a good twin, bad twin scenario. Gunnar was the aggressive twin and he more or less called the shots.  Matthew sort of followed him.  It was a big time for them and I guess he just wanted to do what was best for his career and I guess that was to break up with me.        

In the book you called losing in the spokesmodel category on “Star Search” in the finals after having won for 13 consecutive weeks the “worst night of my life”.  You thought at the time it would be a “major career setback”.  Looking back now (knowing that both Jani Lane and Tommy Lee then on tour together saw you on the show and had a wager about which of them would bed your first) are you appreciative of the opportunity it gave to you?

That bet notwithstanding I’m very appreciative of that opportunity.  Due to the way that show was syndicated within the first year of its run I was on TV nonstop for like the next year or so.  Regardless that I lost in the finals, I derived so much work from it and had so much exposure that it was a win win situation for me.  Sure it would have been nice to net $100,000 for sure but I got what I needed from it.  

One of the biggest shocks for me in Dirty Rocker Boys was that even though you were considered a hair band vixen with your appearances in Hurricane’s video for “I’m Onto You”, Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” and “House of Broken Love”, other than a brief mention as a teenager loving Motley Crue and Def Leppard you’re actually not much of a rock music fan you prefer dance, pop and R&B. Back then I just assumed you were into it but actually you preferred dancing in nightclubs. 

Very true.  I remember while shooting the Cherry Pie video someone on the crew happened to mention that this was the band that had a huge hit with the song ‘Heaven” and I was like “Oh My God you guys sing that song ‘Heaven’?!”  The guys were shocked I didn’t know who the hell they were!  They were like OK..yeah.  I was not a rock fan really but was attracted to Motley Crue because of their crazy look. 

After everything you have gone though both personally and professionally when you hear the song “Cherry Pie” now what do think about?

It is who I am.  It’s become a part of me.  It’s really just a staple in my life.  It changed everything for me both personally and professionally.  It changed the course and the direction of life from then to now.  It means a lot to me also because it makes me think of Jani. He was such a talented writer, singer and all around musician and that also is what he is remembered for.  He wrote that song in five minutes while on the toilet scribbled on the back of a pizza box. It was a last minute request from the record label for a hit pop song and Jani often feared that he would be known as that “Cherry Pie” guy for the rest of his life. 

Your daughter Taylor went through a lot moving around from spot to spot, staying with her grandparents in Louisiana and then back to LA with you and during this period you wrote a lot describing how you really wanted to be a better mom for her.  Has she read the book?  Is there anything within it she wasn’t aware of or that shocked her at all?

She has not completely read it all the way through and confessed to me that she skipped to the parts that were just about her because she is an egomaniac!  She corrected me on her time of birth and pointed out a few typos!  While I was writing the book I consulted her on details about her dad or parts that involved her with him.  I got her okay on things or her opinion on things before I sent them to the publisher just so that she was okay with them.      

If Taylor came to meet you for dinner and said “Mom I want to introduce you to so-and-so he’s a guitar player in a band”.  How would you react to that?

I support my daughter in anything she wants to do so I wouldn’t freak out necessarily.  She’s probably more mature than I am and always has been.  If she was dating a guy in a band I feel that she could handle it.  She’s a real smart girl.

Let’s talk a little about what you’re up to now.  Your TV show The Ex-Wives of Rock is now in its second season.  The show is more about what you gals are up to now and less about what went on then.  Is this a fair take?

Yes.  It has little to do with our ex’s and more to do with how we know each other basically because we have known each other for 20 years plus.  It’s our lives now.  Life after the red carpet and the awesome life it was being with a rock star.    

As an aficionado of 80’s/90’s rock music video vixen’s I would rather have you bake me a Cherry Pie then have Tawny Kitaen do ballet moves and splits on the hood of my car.  I dare to say that is the greatest compliment as fan I could possibly pay you..

Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback about the book given your “extensive knowledge” on the subject.

When will Dirty Rocker Boys be hitting book shelves are you going to be doing any book signings once it’s released we’d love to see you in the Boston area?

I would love to that. I’m not sure.  I was told it will depend on sales.  I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and press the past few weeks but the official street date is November 26th.    

Pre-Order Dirty Rocker Boys HERE


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