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Catching Up With Michael Schenker

Cover Schenker (Bridge The Gap) SoloCatching Up With Michael Schenker
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Michael, let’s talk a little bit about Bridge The Gap, this is the first time you have recorded new music with Herman Rarebell and Frances Buchholz since The Scorpions 1979 album Lovedrive. After the tour and ultimate recording of the Live DVD Temple of Rock-Live In Europe in 2012 was this lineup something that you knew would work well together in the studio?  

By the time we got to the point of the recording of the Live DVD which was the last leg of the European tour I knew.  At that moment Pete Way was not doing too well physically and I had asked Herman if Frances was up to touring within Europe with (vocalist) Doogie White.  Frances jumped into rehearsals with us and almost from the start there was something happening that was really, really powerful and strong and joyful.  You could almost from the first show that everybody was really just enjoying playing with each other again.  That was the real reason around recording the DVD at that time because I knew I had to capture this on DVD.  There was actually almost a 6 month gap from the first leg of the tour to the second leg of the tour and I basically asked everyone if they would be interested in recording an album together.  I started writing right away and then basically handed the music off to Doogie to get started on the lyrics.           Read more

Build-Your-Own-Festival: Cate Le Bon at Middle East Upstairs & Mother Falcon at Great Scott

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Cate Le Bon @ Middle East Upstairs
Mother Falcon @ Great Scott
January 18, 2014

Reviewed By: Dorise Gruber

What happens when two bands you can’t miss are both playing the same night?  Well, if the set-time stars align in just the right way, you may be able to turn an ordinary concert experience into a Build-Your-Own-Festival, which is precisely what I did this weekend with the sultry Cate Le Bon playing an early show at the Middle East Upstairs, and the dynamic gaggle that is Mother Falcon headlining a late show at Great Scott. Read more

CD Review: No Love Lost / No Love Lost

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11158_547874088601518_1290252516_nNo Love Lost
No Love Lost
Kivel Records

Reviewed By: Roger Scales

What a banner year 2013 has been for fans of melodic rock music.  Search no further than Kivel Records which has added yet another stellar band to its already impressive Kamp lineup.  No Love Lost is a Carolina based band that brings aspects of Whitesnake, Triumph, early Def Leppard and Tesla thrown into a little bit of a mix of Badlands and Keel on the side.  These are the groups I heard when I gave their impressive debut self-titled album a first listen. Read more

Jamie Lynn Hart Shares New Video

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Boston bombshell and Berklee soulstress Jamie Lynn Hart dropped a music video over the holidays in support of her 2013 Live At Tupelo album, highlighting the opening track, “Down.” A bluesy rock number, the video is all local flavor – produced by Contour Video, we jump between shots of Jamie Lynn’s 8-piece band rocking the Middle East Downstairs stage, with cuts to her raggedly scrubbing her ex out of a painting on the floors of Karma Yoga Studios, hands and canvas coated in dulled sudsy pigment. Though she maximizes the Beantown love, the feature cut mixes age-old boy-done-me-wrong-but-screw-him lyrics, a universal anthem ladies could easily shout into their hairbrushes, location notwithstanding.

Be sure to check out the video above and EP here, celebrating the new year with great local jams and feeding your resolution to swear off douchebags in 2014.

Catching Up With Carmine Appice

ca-hedshot-2-copyAll-star drummer Carmine Appice is branching out. The rocker recently launched his own record label Rocker Records already unleashing several albums. TWRY caught up with Appice to talk about the new venture and everything else going on in his world including a new book and a few musical endeavors.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales


Carmine let’s talk about your brand new label Rocker Records and what led to the creation of your own record label?

Well first off, I have a book coming out via VH1 Books (more on that later) and while I was working on it, my eventual label partner Mike Cusanelli (who was also helping me on my book project) asked me if I had any product lying around that maybe I wanted to get released?  He told me he could put together a small deal for my own label through E1 and not only help release my own material but also stuff my brother (Vinnie Appice) has and also some close friends who have live gigs or studio work never released.  We had a meeting with E1 and they liked the concept and the next thing I knew we had a deal in place.  Read more

EP Review: Edge of Paradise / Perfect Shade of Black

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Perfect-Shade-300x285Edge of Paradise
Perfect Shade of Black

Reviewed by: Roger Scales

Perfect Shade of Black is the second release from the L.A. based band Edge of Paradise featuring the partnership of Margarita Monet on vocals and Dave Bates on guitar.  Formed in 2011 their first record Mask featured a rhythm section of Tony Franklin and Greg Bissonette added along with Monet and Bates.  The album was co-written by rock legend Robin McAuley and was guitar heavy, hook orientated metal but contained many modern progressive elements.  Fast forward to 2013 and the new E.P. Perfect Shade of Black picks up right where the band left off and also shows some musical maturity in the songwriting and production as well.  Also by adding in a new bass player Nick Ericson and drummer John Chominsky Edge of Paradise has the potential to be one of the top new bands to watch out for heading into 2014. Read more