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Concert Review: Stephen Pearcy and Mass at Club Rain Malden, Mass.

IMG_6208 copy-MStephen Pearcy and MASS
January 17, 2014
Club Rain
Malden, Mass.
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

Well it’s great to see that even though RATT is hard at work on a new album for 2014 vocalist and sometimes solo artist Stephen Pearcy still feels like hitting the road (in the Northeast no less) in January for a round of dates performing with his RATT Bastards solo band.

Add into the mix local rock legends MASS as an opener (also soon to start work on a new record) and this has the potential to be a night of power rock with an old school flavor.  That’s really what this show felt like to me.  Stepping back in time for sure and kudos to Club Rain for making it feel like an 80’s rock show with spacious new amenities, great lighting and a world class sound system.  Anyone who remembers Narcissus in Kenmore Square or The Channel recalls that Boston did have great clubs at one time.  Let’s hope the management at Rain keeps booking national acts and the task of bringing in the crowds will take care of itself.

I think Pearcy has a clear understanding of what his crowd wants to hear. The fact that his set list consisted almost entirely of RATT songs clearly indicates to me that he realizes that his solo material is a mere afterthought to his loyal fan base.  Other than the Judas Priest cover of “Heading Out To The Highway” and one lone Arcade song “Dancing With The Angels” it was all RATT, all night.  Lead guitar player Erik Ferentinos really stood out to me ripping through all of the classic RATT solo’s on “Lay It Down”, “Wanted Man”, ‘Sweet Cheater”, “I’m Insane”, ‘Back For More” and “Round and Round”.  Also a nice surprise on drums was Greg D’Angelo from White Lion.  A solid set from Pearcy who bashed though his 15 song set in about 90 minutes.  There was hardly a time to head to the bar or restroom because there was never a filler track to walk away from!  That’s the mark of a great show.

Openers MASS got the crowd ready with a steady flow of hits scanning their entire career.  Opening with “Falling from Grace” from 2010’s Sea of Black the audience was rocking along with singer Louis St. August right from the first scream.  During “Reach For The Sky” from 1989’s Voices In The Night the crowd really got into it helping out on the chorus as Louis let the fans take turns running through a verse or two on his microphone, including yours truly.  Seattle may have their self proclaimed “12th man” that helped propel them to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history but MASS always seems to have their own version of the “12th man” at all of the shows I have attended as they get more pop and create more buzz than most of the headliners they have supported over the years.  Of course having seven plus albums to choose from doesn’t hurt your cause because everybody has their own favorite MASS album or song .  You’re never going to please everyone but the band does a tremendous job of mixing up the set so everybody goes home happy. Other set highlights included “Do You Love Me?”, “Looking Good” and ‘Voices In The Night”.  Louis, Gene, Mike, Joey and Jeremy before 2014 is Too Far Gone please record a new MASS album! That’s an order from Captain Jack.

Many thanks to Tony and his staff at Rain for the first class treatment.

Stephen Pearcy Set List:
You’re In Love
Lay It Down
Lack of Communication
Wanted Man
Slip of the Lip
Dancin’ With The Angels
Way Cool Jr.
Sweet Cheater
U Got It
I’m Insane
You Think You’re Tough
Heading Out To The Highway
Body Talk
Back For More
Round and Round

MASS Set List:
Falling From Grace
Crying Alone
Seven Days
Looking Good
Voices In The Night
Reach For The Sky
Turn It All Around
Do You Love Me?
Over You
Sea of Black
Baba O’Reilly

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One Response to “Concert Review: Stephen Pearcy and Mass at Club Rain Malden, Mass.”
  1. Paul says:

    Dude, what a great show! Hey Roger, I think you were wearing a Ratt tee and I bought you a beer. Would def love to see Rain do more stuff like this. Good times!

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