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Concert Review & Photo Gallery: Lindsey Stirling at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, TX

November 10, 2016 by  
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Lindsey Stirling
November 5
, 2016
The Music Hall at Fair Park – Dallas, TX
Photos & Words by:  Mike Mezeul

Over the past six years, I have had the privilege of photographing nearly 200 concerts and experiencing some amazingly, mind-blowing shows. From KISS to Tim McGraw and more, but nothing that I have seen has come close to the outstanding performance put on by the extremely talented, Lindsey Stirling. To say her show is worth every penny is simply an understatement. Let me explain so hopefully you will have an understanding of why you need to attend one of Lindsey’s shows on her latest tour, Brave Enough.

I first saw Lindsey perform back in 2013 at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. She was fresh off the press and most people at the venue really had no clue who she was. I had been following her work since first seeing her music video for “Shadows” via YouTube. An electric violin mixed with dubstep, this music was different, stimulating, and that refreshing breathe of fresh air that my ears needed. Seeing her live for the first time was not what I was expecting. I could tell she was an artist who was just getting her touring legs under her. There wasn’t much of a production value to her show. Actually, I don’t think there was anything besides a few stage lights, her keyboardist, Jason Gaviati, drummer, Drew Steen, and a tiny 5’3” woman dancing around with a violin. The problem? Not a dang thing, and that spoke volumes. The performance had my head bobbing, feet dancing and soul screaming for more. Little did I know that it would be three long years until my soul would get that “more.”

This past weekend, Lindsey Stirling brought her Brave Enough tour to the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. It had lights. It had smoke. It had dancers. It had incredible sound. It had stories. It had surprises. It was perfect, and it was sold out. Oh how the times have changed for Lindsey over the past three years. I was a bit skeptical at first with the enhanced production of her show. I was worried it would take away from her music and what got me hooked on her a few years back. Would the dancers be “too much?” Would the special effects draw my focus away from her music? A few songs into her show, let’s just say my jaw was sitting on the floor and it never came back up until the house lights turned back on.

Lindsey, you hit a home run. Obviously, I don’t need to tell you that. You get to listen to your cheering fans at every show that truly appreciate what you have done for the music industry, their lives, and more. Your passion to play and entertain is so apparent that I think I blind person could see it. Your stories behind your music are uplifting and inspiring. Your music fills ones heart, body and soul with joy and energy.  The list can go on and on as to why Lindsey’s shows are worth attending, but one of most impressive factors that I’ve seen from her shows is her humbleness and confidence in her faith. She has become extremely successful and toured the world, but it seems she hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Whether she shows it through taking the time to sign autographs for fans, or a simple wink and smile to a young child in the crowd, Lindsey shows her fans at every performance that she knows that she wouldn’t be there without them. To catch Lindsey Stirling performing near you, check out her upcoming shows here.

View the full photo gallery from the show here.

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One Response to “Concert Review & Photo Gallery: Lindsey Stirling at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, TX”
  1. Ellie Light says:

    You just put my exact sentiments into words. I’ve seen Lindsey 4 times. The first was the one of the best shows I had ever seen. The 2nd was even better. The 3 was the best show I have ever seen, period. But this last one was exceeded it. Can’t wait until the 5th.

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