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What is this site all about?
How do I become a contributer?
How do I get my band on your site?

What is this site all about?

TheyWillRockYou was started a few years ago with the help of some good friends. We were all big music fans looking for an outlet to share what we were most passionate about. A few years later, the song remains the same and we are at it again.

The great part about it is, that as much as we all love music, our backgrounds and musical tastes are as diverse as they come. Most of our staff is based in the Boston area with an emphasis on serving the Boston and New England music scene but we do have some staff scattered throughout the country as well. The one tie that binds? You guessed it – music.

On a personal note, I’ve been obsessed with music since I was very young. I remember stealing my mom’s Simon & Garfunkel records and listening to The Boxer over and over for hours. That was just the beginning. Music was my salvation in a world that was not always kind. When people let me down, music never did. It provided an unconditional solace and a place to escape to that was always open-24 hours a day.

As I grew older, my love for music overwhelmed me and I started looking for any way possible to be involved. I didn’t really fancy myself as much of a musician, (my brief relationship with the clarinet ended in what could only be described as a third-grade disaster), so I sought out other outlets.

After befriending every rock n roll pen-pal within a 3000 mile radius and 7 continents (thank you Metal Edge) I started realizing the magic of networking and the power that it had. I started a few grassroots campaigns for bands I followed religiously, promoting their music in any way possible with many of my friends. (Flyers, newsletters, cassette singles). This led to a small promotion company for local bands, the publication of my first fanzine (Fantasia), followed by my second fanzine (Face The Music) and my love for concerts and road trips. I learned the hard way to love the music and not the musician. (Okay fine, maybe that’s one lesson I still haven’t learned.)

Print Fanzines come at a price (literally!!) and as I grew older, I had to weigh the odds. We decided to retire our fanzine and work on loftier goals in life. Soon after, the internet revolution was underway, I realized what a powerful tool it could be for new bands, unsigned bands, or bands that were making a second go at it.

So, in summary, that was really my goal for the site. That’s what we are about. Promoting music. Helping great bands be heard and seen by people that may not ever hear or see them without our help. This is not our day job for any of us. This is our hobby. We do this because we want to, not because we have to. Sound like something you might be interested in?


How do I become a contributer?

We are always looking for creative, passionate, writers to contribute to our site. If this is something that interests you, please feel free to contact us at  Please include your location, your favorite type of music and some of your favorite bands, a writing sample, and what you’re interested in contributing.  We are not currently seeking photographers.

How do I get my band on your site?

To be considered for the site, please send us a press kit either via email. We select an unsigned band each week to profile and if we select your band we will contact you for additional information.

Record labels and publicists please send all press releases and press kits to and we can follow up with a physical address.  Please feel free to add us to your mailing list because we post daily music news.  (

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