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Meet The Staff is a complete labor of love. The content you see here is all the product of our amazing volunteer staff who give up their time and creative energy to make the site a success simply for their love of the music.  Whether they work with us for a week or a year we are very thankful to everyone who’s ever contributed.  We hope that through our interviews, reviews, and photo galleries that we can bring you a little closer to the music you listen to as well as turn you on to new acts. Thanks for stopping by and  viva la music!

Creator, Editor, Bitch of all trades
Location: MA
Photography Portfolio –

So this is my baby. I admit it: I’m the boss, and I’m bossy. That does not mean that I do not love every one of these effers who helps me keep this site afloat. They rule the school. They’re my posse! I cannot tell a lie, this site is pure therapy for me. Thanks to everyone who makes it happen from the teacher all the way down to your best girlfriend (oops)..I mean…from the staff to the contributers to the loyal visitors to all of the rock!!! Sure I often bitch and complain about how much time this site takes, but hey, it keeps me off of the street, and who wants to see a pasty faced white girl on the streets!!

I’ve been a music slut since the day I was born and I give music full credit for getting me this far in life. Not quite sure what I’d do without it and I hope I never have to find out!

Staff writer
Location: MA

I got into music at a young age through dance. As a dancer, I figured out that music was actually art and not just fun to thrash around to at school dances. I live and work in Boston as a copywriter for a publishing house run by nuns. Yep…nuns. I have a guitar that sits in my apartment, wanting me to learn how to play it, yet its seductive ways have yet to convince me to spend money on lessons. Or build up the calluses required to love it. That said, I still enjoy music from an outsider, groupie perspective. Certain songs can change your mood in an instant—it’s like instant art therapy. And who am I to judge that, right? Well, I’m a reviewer, it’s what I do. I judge what other people create…but, hey, at least I admit to it.

Staff writer
Location: MA

I am a crazy mamasita, hailing from Southeastern MA from a musical family, there isn’t a genre of music I don’t enjoy. However, ROCK, is the most prevalent in my life. I think I missed my calling and should have been the front-girl for my own rock band… I have the energy and the passion. However I chose the medical field for my “real job”. Friends told me I should be writing for “Teen Beat” magazine, after reading the recaps from various shows I had attended and bands I had met. I am 30 something going on 15… What can I say, I’m crazy about certain performers and like to share my excitement with others, is that so bad? My husband has proclaimed me a “groupie” however, I like to consider myself a “band-aid” along side Penny Lane, just don’t sell me for $50 and a case of Heineken!

Staff Writer
Location: FL

I was born with a guitar in my hand, which I am told made for a very painful birth. I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember. I got my first taste of rock n’ roll by listening to late night radio shows. Bands like Guns N’ Roses, Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison, Metallica, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin and countless other rock bands enthralled me as a young kid. I thought make-up on dudes was as cool, if not cooler, than make-up on women. My tastes have diversified over the years, especially as I have gotten more and more into songwriting, primarily on the acoustic guitar. Songs by Butch Walker, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Elvis Costello take up just as much space in my CD collection as metal bands do. My wife and I were married on a reality show called Wedding Day. Both Butch Walker and Yngwie Malmsteen performed. While I work my days in the corporate setting, my passion for music is still a huge part of me. At home, I serenade my wife and dogs with screaming renditions of “Fade to Black”, Slayer’s “South of Heaven” and anything I can make up. Sometimes the dogs howl along. In the gym, music gets me energized and motivated. I never leave home without my ipod. I also love writing, and is where those two passions collide.

Staff Writer

Location: MA

Have you ever met someone who would rather listen to silence than have any kind of favorite music playing?  I did once, and I find that creepy and disturbing.  What is life without a permanent soundtrack?  Music solidifies culture of family, friends, youth, and adulthood, documenting the different stages of life.  As a kid I danced around my house to Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, and The Nylons (the last of whom I discovered far later are, in fact, horrible).  In 1997 I made mixed tapes of every song that played on the alternative radio station, yielding about 12 90-minute tapes that I still listen to today.  In college I explored the local music scene, going to concerts at least 2x/week, and these days I try to get out to see at least one national band and one local cover band a month.  I have a voracious appetite for music, and can hardly keep up with all of the new albums I discover (currently more indie than not).  Though I’ve never played in a band, I’m a long-time pianist and a drummer in progress, used to guest-star as a backup singer for my favorite cover band back in Madison, and when I’m not catching local shows big and small, you’ll often find me singing karaoke, playing cards, or nabbing some divey-pub grub after a kickball game.  My day-job as an Academic Advisor at Boston University pays the bills, but I’m as passionate about working with college students as I am about music, and that’s saying a lot.  I take pride in my ability to keep conversations going, remember names, and give good handshakes.  I’m a boisterous, exuberant, and somewhat funky individual, and as someone who’s always had a strong opinion about the stuff she’s listened to, I’m excited to be contributing to the TheyWillRockYou community!

Staff Writer
Location: MA

When I was eleven, I sat in front of my brother’s stereo with a cassette recorder, taping his Police LPs as they played. Sure, the recordings from my little music pirating operation sounded a bit scratchy, but to me, they were absolute perfection. A few years later, as a high school freshman, I told my guidance counselor that my career goal was to be a keyboardist. “You mean like a classical pianist?” she asked. “No, like a keyboardist in a band.” “Oh,” she said quietly, “I see.” Of course, that plan didn’t quite work out. I hated practicing, and the closest I ever got to songwriting was composing a brief pre-teen ode to Duran Duran’s John Taylor. Thankfully, though, I never lost my love of music. And I’m fortunate enough to combine it with my other great joy, writing. I’m also happy that these days, the sound quality of my music collection is much improved. Reggatta De Blanc sounds a hell of a lot better on my iPod than it did on my old Casio recorder.

Staff Writer & Photographer
Location:  Baltimore, MD
 At some point many moons ago while I was still in college I decided all I wanted to do was take pictures of things for the rest of my life. At about the same time I decided those things needed to be in the shape of musicians. It was at that exact moment I became a starving artist. So now I have a day job. I sit at a desk all day and sometimes do interesting things but rarely do they involve actually leaving said desk. I use more vacation days than I have to do things like follow Warped Tour or spend an extra long weekend at Bamboozle. My bar tabs are often high and my funds are typically low. The day job pays the mortgage and the bills. The night job pays the sanity. But I’m still waiting for someone to pay the bar tabs.

Staff Writer

Damn I’m smooth! I’m a fun-loving, mischievous, Libertarian, tattooed, insomniac sinner from Minneapolis – and I love it. The truth is that music owns me. Something is always on, even when I sleep. I have a song in mind for every memory and almost a tattoo to match each one. Discovering and becoming obsessed with that new song or band uplifts me for days or even weeks. Music is that ex-girlfriend that broke my heart that I always keep going back to. Somewhere along the way I sold her my soul and will never get it back. My favorite musical “flings” are Frank Sinatra, Killingbird, Betty Blowtorch, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Volbeat, Wildside, Third Eye Blind, and Toad The Wet Sprocket (to name a few), but my mood goes from rock to hip-hop to country to classical and back in an hour. I go to about 6,339 shows per year, give or take 716. I live for good times and collect good memories. I’m a Pisces and an INFP.  I have more tattoos than your grandmother is years old. I love bonfires. I drink too many Full Throttle Fury Energy Drinks.

And your mother would love me.

Staff Photographer/Writer
Tasha’s Photography Website
Location: IL

I didn’t go to my first concert until 2001, when I was 19, but it was love from “first note.” Soon after that, I started photographing concerts and have been going strong ever since. My first love is the Chicago local scene, and that is also where you can find me most weekends (and sometimes during the week, too!). My favorite local band is Last Fast Action, with whom I work with so much that I am “officially in the band,” according to them. In addition to harassing as many local musicians as I can for photopasses, I also have a camera addiction (18 cameras and counting, oy), and read several books a week. As for my day jobs: I was a middle school English teacher in my previous life, and am now a full-time photographer for a small university, but I am currently getting my Master’s in education to someday go back to teaching. I have a wonderful husband, Aaron, who doubles as a photographer’s assistant, and a cat, Zoe, who takes up way too much room on the bed.

Staff Writer
“The 80s Guy”
Location: MA

I bought my first record in 1975 and yes it was The Bay City Rollers.  I brought it to school – the girls all thought I was cool and the guys all laughed me for not having a KISS album.  Well at 7 years old I made a big change and started to listen to KISS, AC/DC, Aerosmith and Rush and classic rock became a love.  Then my world changed again in 1986. I started college in Boston and started to go to club shows and started seeing bands like White Lion, Extreme, MASS, Danger Danger, Poison, Guns N Roses, Dokken – and  I have not been the same since.  My energy did not stop in 1992 when Nirvana took over my music world in fact I became more passionate and started to branch out to Dream Theater and Savatage but also continued to follow my 80’s bands more than ever because they needed the support even more.  I am all things hair glam and everything in between. If you see me at a show try to stump me with 80’s hair trivia and if I win you owe me a beer…if I lose I’ll review your band’s cd free of charge!!!    


Staff Photographer
C7 Photography
Location:  NY

My first concert was Judas Priest in 1983. At the time I was just learning to play bass guitar and the whole live concert experience totally sucked me in. For many years I played in various bands, worked at the world’s largest music store and in several concert clubs before joining the corporate world where I’ve currently worked in IT for 14 years. Photography is a life long passion of mine and mixing it with music is a dream come true. Photographing concerts and musicians is simply the best job in the world.

My first concert was Judas Priest in 1983. At the time I was just learning to play bass guitar and the whole live concert experience totally sucked concert was Judas Priest in 1983. At the time I was just learning to play bass guitar and the whole live concert experience totally sucked
Staff writer
“Three Minutes With…”

Location: Vegas

“I’ve got the music in me…”  I’ve been known to burst into song at any given moment and frequently walk around singing whatever random song that is in my head, which is usually a different selection every day. Some of my fondest memories revolve around music, as I was “Raised on Rock” and it’s no wonder that some of my closest friends are musicians. My tastes are so varied that one would think that my music collection is collaborative works of several people. I’m always on the lookout for cool music, I’ll listen to anything once, and remember, you’ve always gotta “Turn It Up”!

Staff Writer

Jinx is a seasoned concert & tour veteran.  Realizing there was no money to be made selling bands’ merchandise for a living, and longing for a roof over her head that wasn’t attached to a van, she retired from the road, got a “real” job…..and has since remembered why she got bored and went on tour in the first place!

from the road, got a “real” job…..and has since remembered why she got bored and went on tour in the first place!

Jinx is a seasoned concert & tour veteran.  Realizing there was no money to be made selling bands’ merchandise for a living, and longing for a roof over her head that

wasn’t attac

Staff Writer
Location: NY

Laura is currently hugging trees somewhere within the United States, if you spot her, please send her home…the rock stars are waiting!

Laura is currently hugging trees somewhere within the United States, if you spot her, please send her home…the rock stars are waiting!

hed to a van, she retired from the road, got a “real” job…..and has since
Staff Writer & Web Goddess

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