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Concert Crowd Manifesto

November 11, 2011 by  
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Earlier this week I went to see a band I’ve been a long-time fan of, Blind Pilot. A folksy 6-piece, beyond standard instruments they feature an upright bass, trumpet, vibraphone, banjo, uke, dulcimer, and a large accordion-like box whose name eludes me and my google search terms.

I was not scheduled to review this show, and this cathartic creed is not designed to be a show recap. Though the show was great, when I left I was distracted by memories of some of the most obnoxious fellow concert-goers I’d ever encountered, instead of revelling in after-show glow. As someone who is constantly going to shows, I encounter tons of different crowds. I rarely find myself at the kinds of shows that involve circle pits or tossed underwear, but even then I understand that these shows have their time and place. I do, however, think that there are a few widely-accepted rules of non-punk/metal concert-going etiquette, so I’d like to compose my very own Crowd Manifesto. Read more

DJ Rossstar

July 8, 2009 by  
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rossstar2Every Wednesday and Thursday night music fans around the globe tune in to DJ Rossstar’s Punk Rock Show to chat with their favorite bands and be a part of something special.  That something special is the brainchild of DJ Rossstar.  From his humble beginnings at his college radio station, Rossstar always persevered even when the odds were stacked against him.  A DIY show from the start, DJ Rossstar never had any industry hookups or inside connections. The show was a labor of love from the word go, booking his own guests and doing all of the behind the scenes work to make the show a success.  With early guests like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Yellowcard The Punk Rock Show made lasting connections with bands on the rise.

Several years later and now based out of Los Angeles, DJ Rossstar’s show is more popular than ever.  Bands new and old join him in his studio apartment to spread the gospel of music.  With the show broadcasting online twice a week, he reaches an audience of 50 thousand people per show.  And people said this wouldn’t work?

Why does it work?  Well, aside from Rossstar’s passion for the music, he opens up the forum each night for fans to be interactive.  Submitting their questions online and waiting for the band’s response makes them feel like a part of it all.  And in the end, isn’t that all any of us really want?

We turned the tables on DJ Rossstar and put him on the receiving end of the questions.  He took some time to talk to us about his road to get where he is now, his advice to anyone looking to follow in his footsteps, why he credits Green Day for his success and his take on Warped Tour this year.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette | July  2009
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Do The Devil’s Work For Him: How To Make It In The Music Industry (And Stay In It)

devilswork“How do I get into the music industry?”  You may have asked this question to yourself at one time or another.  For Amy Sciarretto and Rick Florino, authors of the book Do The Devil’s Work For Him:  How To Make It In The Music Industry (And Stay In It), it’s a question they hear constantly.  They decided it was time to take things into their own hands.

Both successful in an industry that can sometimes be unkind; they’ve worked their way up to a place where they are now willing to share their combined knowledge with the masses.  The pair take their own real life experiences in the industry and give you the survival skills necessary to make it. Welcome to the Jungle baby….

Covering an array of topics from publicity to freelance writing this book really is the go-to read for anyone who ever felt that passion in their belly.  They take into consideration the constant changes in the industry and the current economic impact as well as the core values necessary for anyone to stand out above the crowd.

The best thing about this book is that it’s written by people who are out there in the trenches on a daily basis and who are not just giving you a bunch of manufactured boardroom bunk, they’re giving you advice based off of their own personal experiences in a fun and entertaining way coupled with advice from members of bands like Korn, System of a Down and Mastodon.

Co-authors Amy Sciarretto and Rick Florino took some time to talk to us about the book and how it all fell into place.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | June  2009
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