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Steel Panther’s TOP FIVE

October 7, 2009 by  
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spcover-300x298Steel Panther’s major label debut album “FEEL THE STEEL” hit the ground running on Rocktober 6th. With critically acclaimed tracks like the heartfelt ballad “Community Property” to the foot stomping, fist pumping battle cry of “Death To All But Metal” to “Fat Girl” – their ode to chubby chicks everywhere, Steel Panther is poised to take over the world, one spandex-clad MILF at a time.

We recently caught up with the band to get their worldly views on some pressing hot topics. They helped us compile Top 5 lists of all of today’s most pressing subjects from “Top Five Hair Bands of All Time” to “The Five Best Wigs in Metal”.


Name the Top Five Hair Bands of All Time?
Van Halen
White Lion
Steel Panther

Name the top five Steel Panther Songs off of the new album?
Death to all But Metal (Watch the video here)
Eatin Aint Cheatin
Community Property (Watch the video here)
Asian Hooker

Name the Top Five Guitar Solos of All Time? (Steel Panther Hair Solo not included!)
Into the Fire – Dokkenspphoto-300x300
I’m the one – Van Halen
Ice Cream Man – Van Halen
Hot for Teacher – Van Halen
Mr Scary – Dokken

Name the top 5 best cities in terms of groupies?
Los Angeles
(Uh, that’s six, but thanks for the bonus…Idaho?)

Name five current members in L.A. Guns since there are apparently 16 different incarnations of the band on tour now?
Which one?

After Lemmy, list the top 5 “gods of heavy metal”?

David Lee Roth
Jon Bon Jovi
Eddie Van Halen
Steven Pearcy
Warren Demartini

What are five different day jobs that Lexxi Foxxx has had over the past few years since he obviously isn’t getting paid in Steel Panther?
Coffe Bean
Seatles Best
Wal Mart
Taco Bell
aco Bell
aco Bell
aco Bell
aco Bell

Name five bands that should credit Steel Panther with their success?

What are the top five best metal videos of all time?
Just a Gigalo
California Girls
Yankee Rose

Five best wigs in metal?
Paul Stanley
Jack Russell
David Lee Roth
Don Dokken
Michael Starr

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