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’80s Guy Concert Review: Warrant / Uncasville, CT

July 16 2010
Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun
Uncasville, CT

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Reviewed by:  Roger Scales


Friday night in the summer time –  what better way to enjoy the start to a weekend then to go check in with one of my favorite bands of the 80’s than the new and improved Warrant.  I say this because the “improved” factor is new vocalist Robert Mason.  I saw him in 2 different versions of Lynch Mob, enjoyed his work in Cry of Love and also his original band Big Cock.  It’s nice to hear the classic Warrant tunes sung with passion, on key, coherent and without their front man falling over.  Of course my comparison here is to Jani Lane who has had more chances to get straight and sober than most and has failed at each attempt. I didn’t see Warrant with Jamie St. James but did enjoy the Born Again album from a few years ago.  I really hope Warrant decides to record an album of new material with Mason because clearly he is the best they have ever had had (sorry about the “So Damn Pretty” reference here!) from a pure vocals stand point.

If you’re a fan of early Warrant the set list was chock full of select choices from DRFSR (7 songs) and Cherry Pie (8 songs).  Makes sense since you have original members Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen and Steve Sweet rounding out the current lineup.  Band sounded tight all night long and had very few breaks between songs which kept the tempo at a brisk pace.  This is Warrant 2010 all business and all about the songs.  I will admit Lane did bring an unpredictable factor to any performance, you were never sure what could happen next and that was ok in 1989 but by 2009 when that still holds true and your voice is shot and your balding and fat it sort of loses its appeal.

Openers “Sure Feels Good to Me” and “Down Boys” showed off immediately how much the “Mason Effect” would reflect on the rest of the band for the whole show.  The band looked like they were having fun all night long, they were never rolling their eyes hoping their singer “didn’t drop the ball” by saying or doing something that could disrupt the flow of the performance.  Although I did over hear one gal near my booth say to her friend “Jani looks like he has lost a lot of weight and his voice is stronger than ever!” 

The band went on to play hit after hit after hit with ”Sometime She Cries” ‘Heaven” “I Saw Red” ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin” with Mason encouraging to sing along with him but not for him.  They even pulled out “Machine Gun” off the often overlooked “Dog Eat Dog” album from 1992.  But the most pleasant surprise of then night came from a brand new song “Sex Ain’t Love” which again showcased the “Mason Effect” in full force with some big vocals and crunchy guitar work from Joey Allen.  If this is a sign of the future I’m psyched for a new record!!

Special shout out to Scotty D from Dunbar productions (running merchandise for the guys) who saved me from waiting in “The Den Line” and allowing me to have a seat waiting for me as I arrived just minutes before the start of the show.  The guys were gracious as always after the gig meeting/greeting with their fans.  Secret to the new Warrant..Robert Mason.  Record with him and we’ll see ya next summer! 

The '80s guy with WARRANT

Set List:

Sure Feels Good To Me
Down Boys
Big Talk
Sometimes She Cries
32 Pennies
So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against the Law)
Love in Stereo
Machine Gun
I Saw Red
Bed of Roses
Blind Faith
Mr. Rainmaker
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Sex Ain’t Love
Cherry Pie


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The new Primal Fear DVD “16.6-All Over The World” is set to be released on June 4th in Europe and June 22nd in the US.  It was recorded in various locations between September and November 2009 and will be released in conjunction with a live CD titled “Live in the USA”.  Frontiers Records will release the two separately and as a limited edition combo version as well.                

I had a chance to sit down with Mat Sinner before the Primal Fear show in Allston, MA and discuss the new live DVD and CD and also plans for the next Primal Fear album as well.

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