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AFI Concert Photos – Club Casino/Hampton, NH

October 19, 2009 by  
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October 17, 2009
Club Casino – Hampton, NH
Photos by: Mary Ouellette

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Jade Puget of AFI

September 20, 2009 by  
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afi2It’s been three years since we’ve heard anything new from AFI (Davey Havok on vocals, Jade Puget on guitar, Hunter Burgan on bass and Adam Carson on drums) and the masses are hungry.  On September 29th the band debuts their eighth studio album “Crash Love” to the world.  While the album will surely be put under the microscope by AFI enthusiasts who will undoubtedly compare it to the AFI albums of old, one thing is certain, AFI didn’t remake Decemberunderground or Sing the Sorrow.  What they will find is a collection of songs that prove that AFI is not resting on their laurels or writing a knockoff of one of their old albums, they continue to evolve from album to album.  In the “sometimes less is more” vein the band went back to basics in what may be their most guitar oriented album to date which may broaden their appeal to a more mainstream crowd.

Lyrically Davey kept a prevalent theme of hollow Hollywood and the vacuous society it perpetuates but he also ventures into tales of relationships gone good and bad.  With the first single Medicate giving fans their first taste of the album stand out tracks like “Veronica Sawyer Smokes” and “Darling I Want To Destroy You” leave the best yet to come.

As with any band that stands the test of time AFI continue to reinvent themselves and challenge themselves musically. Crash Love will undoubtedly usher in a whole new generation of AFI fans to carry on the torch hand in hand with the AFI fans of old.

Guitarist Jade Puget recently took some time to talk to us about the album, the recording process, and of course Michael Anthony Hall!

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | September  2009
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