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Toby Rand of Juke Kartel

November 12, 2010 by  
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On September 28th Juke Kartel dropped their first US release titled Levolution.  Don’t know what it means?  You shouldn’t …yet. It’s a word the band coined themselves to encompass their years together and their rock and roll pilgrimage from their homes in Australia to their new digs in Los Angeles.

Front man Toby Rand first made his mark in the good ole US of A on a little show called Rockstar SuperNova, vying for a chance to become the lead singer of Tommy Lee’s band.  While he didn’t win, It gave him just enough leverage to return to Australia and blow the roof off the place with his own band Juke Kartel.  With some success under their belts and a lust for a full on global rock and roll takeover the band uprooted their lives and moved to LaLa Land – a gutsy move that has paid dividends.

Levolution is about as solid a collection of rock tunes that one will find, from the anthemic rocker “Throw It Away” poised for sports stadiums across the nation, to the acoustic, live recorded “Soulshaper” to the beautifully rich and deep layers of “Find Out”.  It’s definitely a contender for our top ten list of the year. The album mixes a few of the band’s older tracks with several new songs to give the perfect 1-2-3 lights out punch of rock and roll mastery.

I recently had the chance to chat to Toby about his move to California, the new album, and how it all fell into place, and after an hour of listening to that accent, I might just be in love.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

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Isaac Koren of The Kin

October 23, 2009 by  
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thekinNot too long ago, Australian brothers Thorry and Isaac Koren were heading in very different musical directions as members of separate bands, until one event brought them together to form The Kin. Their newest album released on October 6th “The UPside” is a follow-up to “Rise and Fall,” and is chock full of piano and guitar rock. The Kin is promoting their latest album by touring with Rusted Root this fall following a tour as an opener for Rod Stewart. Yeah, you think they’re sexy.

Opening strong with the powerful pop song “Waterbreaks,” the album kicks off with solid vocals that make for a catchy passion-fest of joy-infused pop/rock. The UPside is sweet, but not syrupy enough to turn the cynics away. The UPside is a more hope-filled collection to follow up their darker debut album, which will likely be welcomed by fans of The Kin and will hopefully rope others into becoming kindred as well. I sat down with Isaac Koren before their Boston show at The Red Room last week to talk about the new album.

Interviewed by: Sally Feller | October  2009

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