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Spotlight Band: Mindflow

Although not exactly a household name just yet in North America, Mindflow has been tearin’ it up in their home country of Brazil for over six years now.  Their progressive hard rock sound is starting to make some waves and the band is currently out on tour with UFO here in The States.

TWRY had the opportunity to catch up with founding members guitarist Rodrigo Hidalgo and drummer Rafael Pensado prior to their show in Foxboro MA at showcase Live and find out a little bit about who they are.  Check it out!

By: Roger Scales

You’re currently out on the road supporting UFO here in the US.  Have you toured here in North America previously and what have the crowds been like thus far?
This is actually our 4th time here, although most of the dates have been on the West coast and Southern part of the US.  So far on this leg it’s been awesome.  Every show the crowds seem to get bigger and that’s a good sign.  We did play the Prog Power Festival in Atlanta in 2009 and I think that was our biggest show here in America up to this point.  We love the American crowds and they seem to be really into the music.  You guys are all rockers at heart and we are very happy to be here once again.

With Bare Hands is your 4th studio album and the first with Nightmare Records.  Was the recording experience/location any different than you’re your previous releases?
Yes it was.  It was a very different experience than in the past because the initial recording started out within a project called “365” where we worked on 1 song a month for an entire year.  So we kind of worked on the song, recorded it and released it one at a time.  We did move around a bit working at several different studios during this process.  We once again got to work with Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and Sevendust) producing some of the tracks on this new record so we were real happy having his contributions and experience at our disposal.  We were very pleased with how the final mix came out and we hope the fans do as well.

After watching and enjoying the video for the first single “Break Me Out” I’m curious where that was shot and do you have any interesting stories coming from it?
Everybody always asks about the girl!!  No none of us are dating her! Basically that location is a major trucking spot in Sao Paulo Brazil where sand is gathered for distribution to various construction sites throughout the area.  We had a lot of fun working on that track  I think the director got the most out of us that day and the performance shots are really a good representation of who we are as a live act.

I also watched the video for the new single “Thrust Into The Game” which was a lot different from a stylistic approach than the first video from this album.  What is the game referenced in that song?
That “game” is a reference to Brazilian politics and what seems to be going on in local government right now.  There was lot of corruption that was going on at that time.  It was in the news daily and we just couldn’t help but be affected by it and it came out in this song.  It’s all about taking the people and the government and throwing them all in one pot and trying to create a stabilized environment.  It’s still a work in progress.

Speaking of games..tell me a little bit about the Alternative Reality Game ‘Follow Your Instinct”.  Who came up with the concept, how many people have been playing this game and at what stage is it at currently?
The band came up with the general idea for the game and the concept of the game in 2005 that situates the players as detectives in pursuit of a dangerous serial killer.  We thought it would be fun and it started out with about 3,000 players in the first edition of the game that lasted a little more than 1 year.  It combines fictional situations with reality, making use of media channels from the real world.  The game takes place in websites, e-mails, phone calls, and some other media sources.  It’s now up and over 10,000 players at this point.  It has a special connection with our younger fans because it’s similar to a video game.  We put clues in each of the albums so it combines our records in the game as well. 

It’s a little tough to categorize Mindflow into just one musical direction.  Hard rock rhythm section with a melodic flow and power vocals is the best description I could come up with.  Certainly you appeal to different fans and age groups for different reasons.  Did you ever have a goal in mind as a band to overtly attempt to have mass appeal or did it just happen naturally as the band evolved over time?
I think it’s just a natural progress over time.  As a band we never tried to limit ourselves or categorize the act into one particular style or direction..just let it flow.  That’s how we came up with the name of the band.  With the new record With Bare Hands we did try to be more aggressive and heavier for sure so it should resonate with the metal fans all over.  We really wanted to share the energy with the crowd when we recorded this new record and couldn’t wait to start playing these songs live and feel that vibe up close and personal by getting back on the road. 

In your native Brazil you have played some major stadium type shows and also supported some major acts throughout Europe as well.  What has observing these rock veterans in these environments taught you about life on the road, interacting with fans and building the Mindflow legacy?
Great question because we all believe the best experience you can get “cutting your teeth” and creating a band for the long haul is just tour, tour, tour.  We need to bond and work as  family and friends and you can only gain that connection by going out on the road.  Seeing some of these guys that have been doing this for 20 or 25 years just gives us the motivation to someday be that vetern act headlining on a bill with 4 or 5 other bands.  Most of these bands we have toured with have been super supportive and we have appreciated the guidance and advice.

There was a recent photo of the band from this tour with Mike drummer free agent!  What was that meeting like and did you think Dream Theater will be the same band without him?
He has been one of the biggest inspiration to us and one of the most important metal progressive performers of his generation.  To have him in the audience at our gig watching as a fan was a huge thrill for all of us.  We got to talk to him for a bit after our set and Rafael got to ask a few drumming questions which defiantly made his day!  He was so cool.  We gave him one of our tour shirts and he wore it!!  He is a real music fan who just happens to be the best rock drummer in the business.  Having Mike Mangini replacing Portnoy in the band they will lose very little from a skill perspective and his style and technique are so similar I can see why he got the gig.  But Portnoy was so much more than just the drummer.  From a business standpoint it will be different.  His spirit is what flowed through the band and it will be interesting to see not only the quality of the new music but how the fans react no matter how good it is because Portnoy is not there.  On the other hand maybe the other band members will step out of the shadows and showcase another side from them we have never seen; either way no matter what happens Mike Portnoy will be back in Dream Theater at some point in the future playing like he always did and has with reckless abandonment.        

What does the future hold for Mindflow in terms of touring for the remainder of this year, another studio album or maybe a live cd/dvd?
We have actually been filming quite a bit of material since we started in the hopes of putting together a bulk of material for a live DVD package.  We have some more touring planned for the summer in Brazil and then possibly back in the studio to start work on a new record by year’s end.  Writing, touring, writing touring.  We feel the whole spirit of the 1970’s is starting to come back with bands constantly working and trying to release an album a year to keep their momentum going and fan base growing.  We strive for that as a band.  We have  a lot of energy burning inside each of us and want to get it out live on stage and then back to the studio to create new reasons to keep come seeing you guys here in the US!  We love it here and want to thank all of the fans on this tour for coming out early to check us out before seeing UFO.        


For more on Mindflow:
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EP Review: Jaded / Higher


Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by:  Roger Scales

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Spotlight Band: Key To The Midway

September 22, 2010 by  
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Key To The Midway Is:

Jesse Barnes – Vocals
Drew English – Guitar/Vocals
Corey Yoder – Guitar
Shane Barnes – Bass/Vocals
Ryan English – Drums

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette
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Spotlight Band: Your Best Friend

June 29, 2010 by  
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Now YOU have a friend in the music business!  This progressive rock quartet hails from Saginaw, MI.  Their music will make your ears happy, their hijinks will make you laugh, and should you ever have the misfortune of being stuck in a tree, they’ll be there to rescue you!  Meet YOUR BEST FRIEND.

Your Best Friend is:
John Bonham
Dale Brown
Nick Edler
Steve Colyer

Interviewed by:  Debie “Jinx” Patton
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Metro Station Calls It Quits

March 25, 2010 by  
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The rumors have been confirmed, Metro Station is no more.  In a tweet from Trace Cyrus today he confirms the split:

“The rumors are true. Unfortunetly Metro Station is no longer together. We had an amazing run, toured the world, and I loved every minute. Thank you to all the fans that have supported MS and I. You have changed my life. I promise I will always continue making music.”

The rumors have been confirmed, Metro Station is no more.  In a tweet from Trace Cyrus today he confirms the split:

The rumors have been confirmed, Metro Station is no more.  In a tweet from Trace Cyrus today he confirms the split:

Age Of Evil

January 30, 2010 by  
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The vintage metal sounds of yesteryear are alive and well in the modern metal generation.  Don’t believe it?  All you have to do is check out Age of Evil –  the fast rising quartet out of Scottsdale AZ,  for the supersonic proof.  Keeping it all in the family the band is comprised of two brother tandems-singer/rhythm guitarist Jeremy Goldberg (age 19) and bassist Jacob Goldberg (18),  joined by lead guitarist Jordan Ziff (18) and drummer Garrett Ziff (20).  Friends and blood brothers since childhood the foursome have a natural chemistry that leads to the perfect recipe for metal mayhem. 

And look out metal veterans, Age of Evil is rapidly becoming a metal outfit that can do battle.   This is especially evident by their simply ferocious six-track EP, “Get Dead” which will give music fans a one way ticket to the future of metal.  Ready for the ride?

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the band prior to their recent performance at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA supporting Hail! On the 2nd night of a brief Northeast run. 

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales  | January 2010
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Dean Roland of Collective Soul

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csIt’s almost hard to believe that the brothers Roland (Ed and Dean) and the rest of Collective Soul (Joel Kosche, Will Turpin) have been bringing us great music since 1993, but they have! Their latest self-titled album (often referred to as “The Rabbit Album”) has been called a return to the band’s original sound.  Marking their 8th studio album and their first on new label Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records the band wrote and recorded the album tucked away at Ed’s lake house in Georgia.  This environment provided the band with a relaxed vibe that seemed to be most conducive to writing heartfelt songs rich in melody and catchy hooks; sure to please even the most finnicky of musical palates!

The album starts off most astutely with the song “Welcome All Again” which is the perfect introduction to the album to fans new and old.  Collective Soul has always been one of those bands that constantly churns out hits yet continually flies under the radar.  Be that as it may, it doesn’t matter all that much to the band.  What matters to them is making great music for the fans that have been with them since the beginning and all those that have joined them along the way.

The band just kicked off the Canadian leg of their tour shortly after being inducted into The Georgia Music Hall of Fame (not too shabby!).  A few weeks back we caught up with Dean Roland who talked to us about the new album, the bands history and of course, TWITTER!

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | September  2009

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The Second Advance

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thesecondadvance1The Second Advance

Meet The Band:
Brett – Guitar/Vocals

Dan – Bass
Chad – Drums

Location:  Danbury, CT

Let’s start with the basics, you’re based out of CT, how and when did you guys find each other and come together as a band?
In 2007 we found Brett naked and curled up in a balling the middle of a field after a meteor shower. Chad and I rescued him and showed him the ways of the guitar.

What are your backgrounds in music? Formally trained, self-taught, etc? What made you want to be involved with music?
Formally trained except for Dan who had only a hand full of lessons by Craig Fairbaugh of the band (+44)

You’re currently a three piece, is that by design?
No we just couldn’t find any reliable musicians so we did it ourselves and knighted Brett as the singer. By our design – no; by the universe’s design…perhaps.

What section of the record store would we find your album Hollywood filed under?
Bargin bin!

Describe your sound in three words?
Awesome awesome awesome!

In listening to your music the first comparison that comes to mind is Blink-182, were you influenced by them?
Who isn’t influenced by Blink-182?  They are incredible, not for the fact that they are unbelievable at their instruments, but the fact that they are normal guys that make up the catchiest music.

The album is called Hollywood which is also a track on the album, do you feel that that song is the best representation of the band as a whole on the album?
Yeah it’s a fun summary album and Hollywood does sum up our album into that one song, loud fast and fun.

The Second Advance in the studio

The Second Advance in the studio

What’s the most difficult part about being an indie band in today’s music industry?
Getting on the effing radio! If you’re not independently wealthy it’s tough, and if you’re not bringing in a ton of money already then no one wants to take a chance on you.

What do you think defines a great song?
It’s all about the hook.
My favorite song on the album is After-Thought, can you tell us a little bit about the song and what inspired it?
It was written after Brett’s close encounter of the 4th kind. The meaning can be taken however the listener seems fit.

What is the writing process like for the band, is everyone involved?
Yes one of us has an idea or a riff and we all just run with it.

I’m sure you get asked this all the time but what’s the significance behind the name of the band?
It’s when you make a move on a girl and get shot down then think, “let me try that again”.  Plus we just didn’t want anything long and gay like a fall out boy song title.


For fans who want to know more about you where can they check out your music, find out about upcoming shows?
Not many people know about this site but we are trying to make it a big thing, it’s called myspace.

When considering the future, what are your goals as a band?
Keep moving forward.

In honor of the king of pop, we’ve been asking everyone what their favorite Michael Jackson song of all time is?
Thriller/ Billie Jean


Catch The Second Advance Live:

Sep 17 2009 Hot Topic In-Store Acoustic Set/CD Sale Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 19 2009 he Cutting Edge Theatre@City Ale House Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 19 2009 Brooklyn Fundraiser Brooklyn, New York
Oct 10 2009Big Giant Extravaganza! (w/ BAYSIDE SOCRATIC) Jermyn, Pennsylvania
Oct 13 2009 Hollywood Remixes Available on iTunes Worldwide
Nov 7 2009 Studio Recording Union, New Jersey
Nov 8 2009 Studio Recording Union, New Jersey

Arcadia Landing

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almainNathan – Vocals/Strings
Seth – Vocals/Strings
Jay – Bass
Chris – Drums

An interview with Nathan Powers
By:  Gregory Morris

To the people who haven’t heard any of your music, how would you describe it, and can you compare it to any other bands?

Our music is more rock than anything else. It does cover other elements such as alternative, pop, metal, and punk. We have been compared in write ups to such bands as The Police, Pink Floyd, and Sparta.

When and how did you decide to come together as a band? In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently?

It all started in 1999, freshman year of high school. We were all in the same grade, and I (Nate) played in a band on drums while Chris and Seth were in a band together. Jay had just moved into town the year before. I quit my band and picked up the guitar and started writing songs immediately. I really don’t recall how it fully happened but I remember jamming a lot with Seth and our friend Andy. For some reason we ended with the line up we still have today:  Jay on bass, Seth singing and playing guitar, Chris on the drums and I sing and play the guitar. I wouldn’t have changed a thing except I would have made jay sing.

Was there a special influence that made any of you want to play a certain instrument?

For me I was inspired to play the guitar because of green day and Jimi Hendrix. This was in 1998. After that good riddance song came out, I wanted to play guitar. Took me about a month and then I was strumming chords on an acoustic and singing. Before then I had been playing drums for a few years and of course I was a band kid and played trumpet too.

Have you found an easy and straightforward way of reaching new listeners?

Be outgoing at shows and in the city. Wherever there is music being played we try to relate to the listeners and connect with them. Now, the internet is a helpful tool however everyone is on the internet trying to exploit themselves so that makes that difficult to stand out from the heard. All I can say is become creative!

You released a CD a few months ago. What are your favorite tracks and can you describe the meaning of them?

Ninety-Seven, Slowly Turnaround, Pangaea and Bottom of the Ocean are my favorite songs. I like the CD as a whole. Ninety seven is about being at college remembering all the past good times with my buddies and how as we get older things change in our lives. Slowly Turnaround Seth came up with the idea and it was about a girl who was severely beaten by an adult which happened in his neighborhood. It’s all in the perspective of the culprit. Pangaea is about how our society needs to come together in order to get by these times in which our country is at ends with other countries rather than resorting to war. It is a song of hope. Bottom of the Ocean is about a soldier going over to fight for ones country and trying to make it out alive. We had a lot of friends who went off and fought in the war at Iraq and this was inspired by them.


Are all of you happy with the outcome of your new CD?

Yes and no. Yes because I enjoy it, especially the secret song. No because musicians are never fully satisfied with their work.

Was the making of this CD fun and exciting, or was it a process that you just wanted to get over and done with?

The album was a blast to record. I absolutely loved dubbing the solos and singing. It’s really amazing making an album because a lot of the stuff that happens on tape is off the cuff and if it was a good take, hopefully the record button was on. On the other hand when it came time to mix the album that was a whole different story compared to recording it. We had to listen to 20 seconds of a part of a song for about a few hours and decide what things we like better than others, a very lengthy process, but rewarding in the end.

“Slik Willy” was the name of your band before “Arcadia Landing”. Why the name change, and does this new name have a particular significance to you?

The name changed because the name Slik Willy wasn’t helping us expand our name nationally. It’s actually the name of a jelly dildo, Google Slik Willy. The new name Jay thought of.  Arcadia because it’s close to us, (I like it because it means a place of peace) and landing because of Roswell alien landing in the 40s. Word has it extra terrestrials landed in Arcadia in Rhode Island!

What is the most memorable moment that you have of being on stage together? What makes this memory stand out in your mind more so than others?

One of the most memorable moments was being on stage at a show, I believe it was a high school because we used to play a lot of shows at schools, and seeing about ten to fifteen people singing the lyrics right back at me as if we were all a gang. That was a memorable moment. I was younger at the time and I had never seen any response from fans before and it was quite the moment. When I see people singing along it really gets me excited for the show.
Can you describe a time when everything seemed to be going wrong on-stage, and you just wanted to be done for the night?

For me, maybe some chords breaking during a set, but I always found a way to keep playing. Things do go wrong a lot on stage, but that’s when you have to be witty and ‘roll with the punches’. Only other musicians can really tell when things go wrong. Actually there was this one time when jay was rocking out at a gig and had a short chord plugged from his amp into his bass. He went out a little too far and his whole bass head, mind you it weighs at least 70 pounds, crashed on the floor. We all didn’t know what happened, I look over and Jay had this horrible look on his face. We then tossed the amp back on his cab and it worked, so we finished the set!


If you could travel back in time to meet any band, who would it be and why?

The Beatles, or The Who and ask them how their lives had been affected by being in a band.

What is one major goal you want to accomplish, as a group, within the next 3-5 years?

Get a record deal that is feasible that funds us for what we love to do; rock out, play and write music!

Where are some of the venues that you are playing this summer?

Lupos, Providence Piers, The Living Room, and Basements.

What is the website that anyone can reach you at? or

Are there any last words you can leave us with?

Check out and check out our new CD, “Bottom of the Ocean” available on iTunes and at Newbury comics!

Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace

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3dgmainThree Days Grace crashed into the music scene with a vengeance with their self-titled debut. With fierce singles like “I Hate Everything About You” and “Just Like You” they amassed a loyal following and toured with bands like Nickelback, Hoobastank and Evanescence.  A few years later they’re back with the same vengeance and a new cd. One-X will be hitting record stores on June 13th. The first single, “Animal I Have Become”, is an aggressive, in your face, unapologetic rocker that will definitely whet your appetite for this band and leave you wanting more.  Exploring the darkest of places with the boldest of sound and lyrics, Three Days Grace welcomes you into their world to feel it the way that they do.  Songs inspired by ironic bouts of loneliness and isolation while surrounded by millions of people.  You may think you know them, but they will quickly remind you that you don’t.

Three Days Grace (Adam Gontier on vocals and guitar, Barry Stock on lead guitar, Neil Sanderson on drums, and Brad Walst on bass) is currently out on the Jagermeister tour with Staind and will be joining Nickelback and Hoobastank on tour starting June 30th.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | June 2006
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