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TWRY Band of the Week – Billy Boy On Poison

bbopBilly Boy On Poison is:

Davis Leduke– lead singer
Ryan Wallengren – guitar
Jessi Calcaterra – drummer
Greg West – guitar

When producer Jude Cole saw Billy Boy on Poison perform live he knew immediately that he wanted to sign them to Ironworks Music; the music label he had started with Kiefer Sutherland.

At the time the band were playing local gigs and backyard bashes around town and were as raw as could be, but that was part of the allure.  It wasn’t bells and whistles that made this band stand out, it was their organic ability to channel rock influences of old with a fresh new approach.  One listen to Billy Boy On Poison will conjure up comparisons of old school rock and glam being delivered through a new youthful perspective.

Even their name, taken from the novel “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess (later made into the film by Stanley Kubrick), beckons back to a time before the members of the band were even born.  Leading the group of old souls, frontman Davis admits to loving the works of Burgess, Ginsberg, and even Robert Frost.

Noting the frustration of being young and not always being heard Davis expresses his desire to get out on the road and to play to audiences who can relate to them. “I can’t wait to get in a shitty van and travel the country!” exudes Davis. “Play our songs, speak our truth to audiences who can relate to our sense of frustration with this troubled world. Yeah we’ve got songs about getting laid and blowing shit up but it’s more than that. It’s teenage rebellion, trying-to-be-heard stuff.  Nobody listens to teenagers or gives a shit about what’s on our minds. People say we’re the future. We have to save the planet. If that’s true, doesn’t it make sense to listen to us while we’re young, while we’re learning, instead of when its too late and we’ve gotten all cynical and lost our youthful perspective, not to mention our faith?”

Billy Boy On Poison - Drama Junkie Queen

Billy Boy On Poison - Drama Junkie Queen

The band’s debut album “Drama Junkie Queen” was just released, as the reviews start to roll in check them out and draw your own conclusions because this is a band built for music fans, not for critics.

For a taste of what the band is all about check out the videos below for “On My Way”:

Happy Valentine’s Day:

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