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Bruce Kulick

Most rock fans would point to Bruce Kulick’s twelve year stint (1984-1996) with KISS as his most recognizable work but Kulick was shredding well before and continues to rock long after his time spent with KISS.  His resume includes work with a variety of acts including Meatloaf, Blackjack (with Michael Bolton) and since 2001 he’s been touring with Grand Funk Railroad.  He also had a short run in the rock band Union which featured John Corabi (ex-RATT, Motley Crue, and The Scream) on vocals. 

With his latest solo effort “BK3” being described as his best to date it looks like Kulick’s page in music history is far from finished. “BK3” boasts a veritable who’s who of hard rock’s heaviest hitters including collaborations with Steve Lukather of Toto, Gene Simmons and Eric Singer of KISS, Gene’s son Nick Simmons, the late Doug Fieger of The Knack, Tobias Sammet from Edguy, and old friend John Corabi.  The eleven song offering covers a diverse range of sounds from dark heavy hitters to more melodic ballads and even an instrumental – displaying Kulick’s full spectrum of talent.

I recently caught up with Bruce and we discussed all aspects of “BK3”, his impressive guitar collection, Eric Carr, KISS and the look ahead as Bruce prepares for yet another summer of touring with Grand Funk Railroad.

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales

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