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Dale Stewart of Seether

November 8, 2007 by  
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seethermainFinding Beauty in Negative Spaces isn’t just the name of the new Seether album, it’s a metaphor for how the band currently lives their lives. It hasn’t always been this way though. Since the release of their last album a lot has happened for this band on a personal and professional level – rehab, the departure of a band member, and sadly the passing of lead singer Shaun Morgan’s brother Eugene. Through the wreckage, Morgan incredibly was able to see the light that led him out, and to write an album displaying an air of optimism, not something we’ve come to expect from Seether in the past.

With the exit of guitarist Pat Callahan, Seether moved from a quartet back to a trio, further strengthening their bond and musicianship and returning them to their roots. The change in the line-up has allowed Morgan’s creativity to run amuck which has been aided by co-conspirators Dale Stewart on bass and John Humphrey on drums. Morgan furiously wrote fifty to sixty songs for Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces and then the band as a whole was tasked with whittling them down, finishing them up and picking out the gems. What they were left with was an array of ballads, rockers, and everything in between – a much wider scope than the band had ever attempted in the past. They tried out new sounds, new instruments and most importantly, a new outlook on life – I guess you could say, the power of Eugene lives on.

Seether is currently out on the road in support of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces with Three Days Grace. Bassist Dale Stewart took some time out of their busy tour schedule to give me the lowdown on the new album, how it all came together, the macarbe tale behind the artwork on the album, and what’s new in the world of Seether.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | November 2007
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