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Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

October 27, 2010 by  
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Frightened Rabbit (Scott Hutchison, Grant Hutchison, Billy Kennedy, Andy Monaghan and Gordon Skenehas) had a whirlwind year touring heavily in the US and the UK, promoting their third and most recent album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks.  If you haven’t heard of these guys yet you’re behind the times: they’re well-accustomed at this point to playing sold-out shows, and this coming Friday’s concert at The Paradise in Boston is no exception. 

Their twangy, catchy, upbeat folk vibe, combined with their earnest nature, electrify crowds to create a memorable and extremely personal show.  After being so impressed by their authentic performance last April, I was lucky enough for this second leg to land an interview with frontman and lyricist Scott Hutchison to discuss the current US tour, the creative process behind this most recent album, and the power of coffee & Emergen-C.

Interviewed by:  Dorise Gruber
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