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Three Minutes With…Fuel

Three Minutes With..Fuel.

Well, three quarters of the band, anyway. Brett Scallions (Vocals), Brad Stewart (Bass), and Jasin Todd (Guitar) took on the Sack O’ Questions while drummer Kenneth Schalk soundchecked prior to their show at a Rock ‘n Roll Wine event at the Crown Theater at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.


This is what transpired:

Your question is – if you didn’t do this (music) what would you do?
Brad : That’s cliché! Sorry!
Brett: Shhhh. If I didn’t do this what would I do?
Jasin: I’d go crazy, that’s what I’d do!
Brett: I don’t know. I never thought about it, really. I was always focused on being what I am. I was a crappy student. I went to college for a brief moment in life. Like a year and a half. While I was there, I was focused on music. I think if I wasn’t actually a musician, I’d be affiliated with it in some way. Whether it be working in a management company or in a studio or something in the world of music. I just wouldn’t be the musician. I’d probably be in the business world of it in some sense.

And now you can promote anything you’ve got going on. Project. Product. Place. Doesn’t even have to be yours.
Brad: New Rhianna album’s coming out!
Brett: is the website, you can always find out what’s going on with Fuel and everything. We’re working on new music that we plan to have out next year. I have another project called World Fire Brigade that’s coming out next year, which is myself and Sean Danielson from Smile Empty Soul and our partner Eddie Wall. We wrote the record and stuff. It’s pretty much done, it’s coming out next year.
Jasin: Dontcha have that X Games thing?
Brett: Oh! I do this thing called Yukon Cornelius every once in a while. Yukon Cornelius is myself, Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies, Stefan Lessard from the Dave Matthews Band, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, and some of the guys from the band Guster and N.E.R.D., Warren DeMartini from Ratt played with us. So we just like cover shows, the past couple of years we’ve done the ESPN X Games, the winter X Games. So we’re doing that in January. The third week in January.

Brad, draw your question – no peekin’! Is there one song you wish you had written? If so, what is it and why?
Brad: Hmmm. That’s a good one. There’s a lot of songs I wish I had written. I can’t just pick out one.

You can name two… three…. ten.
Brad: Actually….
Brett: Pick a big hit!
Jasin: Feliz Navidad!
Brad: That’s a big one! Here Comes Santa Claus.

Imagine the royalties off of that one!
Brad: I know, right! I’d say that one of the most recent songs I’ve heard that I liked was “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. I just like it lyrically and the song comes together – the production and the strings and everything going on, it’s just one of those songs that just… ahhh. I just find it moving. That’d be a recent one, but… “Highway to Hell”… “It’s So Easy”, Guns N Roses… There’s some Beatles songs that just keep going and going. Anything by Led Zeppelin… “Change”, Blind Melon. Man, what else? That’s good, I guess. I don’t know!

Okay. You can make your plug now!
Brad: Plug? Really? This is my main gig right now. Doing the Fuel thing. I have a show I’m doing with some friends in a band called Burn Season in Jacksonville. I hope to be writing some songs. There’s a guy that’s hooked us up before in the past and he needs some new music, so I think in the down time, hopefully I’ll be doing some of that.

Down time? What’s that?
Brad: Down time. Well, we’re gonna take some time off in December and January. I’m gonna try to work on some new stuff.

Jasin – Your question is – What is the most memorable point of your career this far – good, bad, or both?
Brett: He doesn’t remember sh*t!
Brad: He doesn’t remember anything that’s happened up til now!
Jasin: Wow. Yeah, I have a very short term memory. Hmm, defining moment. I would probably have to say getting the record deal was and we did a tour with Van Halen. Sammy Hagar got my endorsement with Gibson guitars. So, I get to play Les Paul guitars, or anything by Gibson, for free, and that’s pretty cool, for me, as a guitar player.
Brett: And you play with me.
Jasin: I HATE playing with Brett!
Brett: Let me answer this for you… I know exactly what you’ll say.
Jasin: Yeah, that’s pretty much it, as a guitar player, that’s a big thing. I don’t think it would’ve happened without Sammy. But, it happened, so…

Awesome. Sammy’s great.
Jasin: Yeah, he’s a great guy.

And your plug?
Jasin: I’m just gonna plug World Peace. And keep the creatures outta my room! That’s it.

Allright! Two-legged, four-legged… does it matter?
Jasin: They’re mostly two-legged.

Good to know!


For more on Fuel visit:
The Official Fuel Website

Special Thanks goes to TPF, Chris and Sonny at Rock ‘n Roll Wine ( and Alyssa and her awesome staff at PR Plus ( for making this happen! You are always so good to me!

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Free Angels & Airwaves Album – Starting Tonight At 6PM EST

February 12, 2010 by  
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Just a reminder that starting at 6PM EST today will be giving away a free download of the entire new Angels & Airwaves album “Love”.  Grab yours here.

“Angels & Airwaves is the brainchild of Tom DeLonge, which came to fruition during the extended hiatus of blink-182. With aspirations to transcend the limitations of the pop-punk genre, AVA released their debut album “We Don’t Need to Whisper” in 2006. The band’s new album, “Love”, is scheduled to drop on 02/14/10.”

“Angels & Airwaves is the brainchild of Tom DeLonge, which came to fruition during the extended hiatus of blink-182. With aspirations to transcend the limitations of the pop-punk genre, AVA released their debut album “We Don’t Need to Whisper” in 2006. The band’s new album, “Love”, is scheduled to drop on 02/14/10.”