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Tom Linton of Jimmy Eat World

October 4, 2010 by  
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Released on September 28th, Jimmy Eat World’s seventh studio album Invented is a collection of songs inspired by the conceptual photography of Cindy Sherman and Hannah Starkey – a most unexpected turn of events as frontman Jim Adkins describes the process as a simple writing exercise that quickly morphed into song ideas for their new album.  Each song weaves a new tale, creating a backdrop and story for the characters in the photos. 

Constantly finding new ways to inspire and provoke through their music, Jimmy Eat World continues to lead at the top of their genre even after sixteen years together.  The album title – also a song on the release, refers to both the mood of the album as well as the band’s deepest approach into character writing.

Calling on their friendship and their fans as their greatest strengths, it’s no surprise that the band’s loyal fanbase was eagerly awaiting the release of Invented.  The album marked the return of producer Mark Trombino who had assisted the band on their earlier releases (1999’s Clarity and 2001’s Bleed American) – two quintessential albums in the band’s seven album arsenal and when fans heard he was on board expectations were at an all time high.

Preferring to be called a guitar based rock band over the emo title that has followed them throughout their career, there is one thing we can all agree on – Jimmy Eat World continues to be at the top of their game and Invented will speak to both to fans that have grown up with them throughout their career as well as new generations who have no idea the jackpot they’ve just discovered – dig deep kids and thank us later!

Currently out on the road in support of their new release we caught up with guitaristTom Linton who talked to us about the making of the album and all things Jimmy Eat World.

Interviewed by:  Jinx Patton & Mary Ouellette
(With special thanks to Steve Colyer from the band Your Best Friend who contributed a few (*) questions.)

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