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Concert Review: Queensryche at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, MA

7L7C4300 - Copy-MQueensryche
June 9, 2013
The Wilbur Theater
Boston, MA
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

My curiosity was piqued weeks ago when this date was announced because for the most part Boston hardly ever showcases any classic hard rock acts..unless it’s a big name and it’s at TD Garden.  This was going to be a unique opportunity to be able to witness Queensryche on a small stage celebrating 25 years of the landmark Operation: Mindcrime album.  I just wondered which Queensryche lineup this was going to be?   Read more

Geoff Tate of Queensryche

June 7, 2013 by  
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rychemainQueensryche have paved quite a musical legacy throughout their three decade career. Unfortunately, the past year has been focused on the breakups and shakeups within the band, rather than the music. The strife between Geoff Tate and his former bandmates has resulted in two versions of Queensryche, at least until the courts decide.

Drama aside, Geoff Tate and Queensryche recently released their latest disc Frequency Unknown and are now out on the road in support of it. The tour hits New England this weekend with a trio of dates starting tonight, June 7, at Lupo’s in Providence, RI,  followed by the Webster Theater Hartford CT on Saturday, June 8 and the Wilbur Theater in Boston on June 9.

TWRY had a chance to chat with Geoff Tate about the new disc, the pending lawsuit and his love for wine.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales Read more

CD Review: Queensryche / Frequency Unknown

Queensryche2Frequency Unknown
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

I want to address the ongoing debate/issue concerning the fact that there are two versions of the same band that exist currently in the world of Queensryche.  This is not unchartered waters nor will it be something that goes away anytime soon.  Unfortunately for the fans,  Rock n’ Roll is a business and in the old days when Joe Perry and Brad Whitford left Aerosmith (for example) there became The Joe Perry Project.  No problem.  New name, new identity, no harm done.  Today with the branding being so identifiable within the rock community there are now legal battles to see who rightfully owns and gets to use the name –  both for recording purposes and touring.  RATT, L.A. Guns, Great White, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath – the list goes on of popular bands that shift band members and fight over ownership of the logo and identity.  I have always looked at it as more music, more shows, more reasons to get excited about hearing a new or slightly different take on a band or sound that I found pleasing.  Have I liked all of the different versions of the bands?  NO.  Corabi replaces Vince Neil and they put an album called Motley Crue..did I like It? Yes.  Did it bomb?  Yes.  Who cares? Whether Geoff Tate’s  version of Queensryche ultimately gets ownership of the name or the camp featuring Todd LaTorre  wins out..I win as the fan because I can enjoy both for what they each offer.  Read more

Geoff Tate of Queensryche

June 10, 2009 by  
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queensryche21Queensryche, the quintessential kings of concept albums, return with their latest work of art – American Soldier. The album takes you on a rollercoaster ride of the up close and personal and sometimes gut-wrenching perspectives of our American heroes, the veterans of war.

From the opening track “Sliver,” which starts out where a lot of soldiers do, boot camp, to “At 30,000 Ft,” a song fittingly about a pilot’s experience from the air, the album resonates throughout and takes the listener through a broad range of emotions from sadness to pride to overwhelming gratitude. On one of the more touching tracks, “Home Again,” Tate shares lead vocal duties with his ten year old daughter on a song inspired by a soldier’s letters to those back home while he was at war.

The album is dedicated to the soldiers from start to finish including some special guest appearances from a few of them.

Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate took some time to talk to us about the personal nature of the album, what he hopes people will take for it and how it has affected him personally.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette |  2009
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Geoff Tate of Queensryche

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rychemainIt’s hard to believe that it’s been over twenty years since the release of the debut Queensryche EP. Decades later the band is remembered for its progressive sound and heady lyrics, a brave endeavor for a band making it’s mark in that era. Their 1988 release Operation: Mindcrime remains relevant to this very day. As a concept album it shed light on the relatively new band at the time, and gave them the opportunity to spread their wings and fly. Now, several years later, Operation: Mindcrime has taken on a life of it’s own, literally. The album has been succeeded by a theatrical version of the album, as well as the follow up Operation:Mindcrime II. Their sound defined by Geoff Tate’s insane vocal range as well as crunching guitars and a dynamic rhythm section, was hard to mistake.

Blowing away the ideas of labels at the time, Queensryche toured with bands at varying ends of the spectrum including Def Leppard and Metallica, daring to take on any crowd and make them a fan. Two decades later, I’d say they made their mark.

Their most recent release, a covers album titled “Cover Me” allowed the band (Geoff Tate, Scott Rockenfield, Mike Stone, Eddie Jackson & Michael Wilton) to explore other genres and come up with new arrangements for some of their favorite songs of all shapes and sizes.  The results?  An eclectic arrangement of cover tunes ranging from a Broadway favorite to a Queen classic.

With a new all original album in the works, the band is gearing up for a cross country solo tour. About a week before the tour started, lead singer and Queensryche mastermind Geoff Tate took some time to talk to us about the new tour, the new album and surviving in todays music industry and living to tell about it.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette | January 2008
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