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Three Minutes With….Todd Kerns and Doc Ellis of the Sin City Sinners

I first brought you these guys as the Spotlight Band for February, right before the release of their CD “Exile on Fremont Street”, and now vocalist Todd Kerns and bassist Doc Ellis were ready to take on the “Sack O’ Questions”!

If you could put together your dream project – a band, or a tour, or an album – who would be involved?
   Band… tour… album… You mean put together a band of my favorite players? Something like that? That’s a good question. I’ve always wanted to do a record and have Sami Yaffa play bass, because he’s my favorite bass player. Have somebody like Dave Grohl play drums, and then have Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols play guitar,and I’ll sing and that’d be my band. We would tour the world and elsewhere. We’d take the tour to the Milky Way.

 What’s your guilty pleasure?
   My guilty pleasure is things like “Smallville”. A television show about a teenage Superman I find fascinating. Mind you, I find all things Superman fascinating. Most people assume I’m this rock n’ roll kinda guy, and I am this rock n’ roll kinda guy, but I have a real thing for cheesy sci-fi and comic books, and stuff like that. I love it. I can’t get enough. That’s me!

Make your plug!
  Sin City Sinners. “Exile on Fremont Street”. The video’s called “Goin’ to Vegas”, and there’s other videos for “Gotta Girl” coming and “Numb” coming. Three videos in two months. You’ll see!

Here comes more…

This question was submitted by Mario: What’s your best hangover remedy?
 I haven’t had a hangover in a long time because I’ve discovered the best way not to get a hangover is to just not stop drinking!  In the old days, a remedy was Mountain Dew…  full of caffeine. However, I like to think that best offense is a good defense.  So, before you go to bed, make sure you eat something extremely greasy. I recommend Naugles, no not Naugles, they changed the name…. It’s now called Del Taco! Eat as much bacon and as much pancakes as you can stuff into your body!  That will cure a hangover! NEXT?!

Now you can plug whatever you want!
<tapping on table in time to words and drops voice> Buy the Sin City Sinners record. Buy the Sin City Sinners record. Okay! And GVR (Green Valley Ranch) Saturday nights!

Side note to my readers: Todd will be playing bass for some shows with Slash this summer. (You  know who he is, right? He’s that top hat-wearing guitar player who used to work with that Axl dude) Here’s my challenge to you – go to the Sinners’ website and get yourself a t-shirt (while you’re there, pick up a CD too!) and wear it to see Slash. I triple dog-dare you to show Todd that the “Sinners Nation” extends beyond the 702! (You can be sure I’ll be asking him how many he sees, so I hope he keeps track!) You now have your mission… GO!

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