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Getting To Know: Varga

Varga group shot hi resDan Fila of Varga
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Dan could we get a quick lesson on the history of Varga for metal fans that may be not quite familiar with the band?   

It was founded in 1989 by bassist/vocalist Joe Varga and myself (drummer Dan Fila).  We had been friends since elementary school.  Joe and I started our first band together in grade 7 and we called it “The Golden Phoenix”.  Our first gig we stole shopping carts and brought all of our equipment to school in shopping carts. Adam (Alex-guitars) joined the band by grade 9.  Sean (Williamson-guitars) joined a few years later.  Read more

Michael Wilton of Queensryche

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QR-Picture-50It’s been a year of change for Queensryche. From the exit of vocalist Geoff Tate and the addition of Todd LaTorre to their latest self-titled release reaching No. 23 on the Billboard 200, Queensryche has reinvented themselves.

We recently caught up with guitarist Michael Wilton to talk about the whirlwind of a year it has been and what the future holds for the rockers.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Your S/T record was released in June and the response from the fans in the US especially has been overwhelming.  You charted #23 on Billboard and most critics have been extremely favorable in reviewing the record.  I believe the public has more than accepted vocalist Todd LaTorre into the band and the crowds are feeding off this positive energy that was enveloped and surround Queensryche at this time.  Do you agree?

Yes. It’s evident with the release of our album the reviews have been totally positive.  It’s encouraging to read what the magazines and online sites are saying but what’s great is what we have heard from the fans.  That’s the ultimate approval that we look for.  We also appreciate what our peers are saying as well.  Other bands seem to have really accepted our direction with the addition of Todd as well.  Read more

Bobbie Brown Talks ‘Dirty Rocker Boys’

November 25, 2013 by  
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81zW7nwfc0LAs the “Cherry Pie” girl, women wanted to be Bobbie Brown and men wanted to be with Bobbie Brown.

In her new book Dirty Rocker Boys  – the original video vixen lays it all out on the line. Brown speaks candidly about her colorful life and career, reflecting on everything from her marriage to Warrant frontman Jani Lane and his tragic passing to her tumultuous relationship with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. Brown has led a remarkable life and she shares both the highs and lows throughout her new memoir.

TWRY recently caught up with Brown to talk about the new book, her extraordinary  life and what she’s currently up to.

Interviewed by: Roger Scales

After reading your book Dirty Rocker Boys, it seems that it is as much an autobiographical sketch of your life story as it is a story of the LA Rock scene of the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s do you agree?

I do.  I totally do. Read more

Catching Up With Brian Korban of Heretic

Brian KorbanLet’s talk about the brand new Heretic box set from Metal Blade Records From the Vault…Tortured and Broken.  It must be very satisfying to finally have your original EP Torture Knows No Boundary (1986) and first full length album Breaking Point (1988) released remastered with bonus tracks for a new generation of fans that may have dismissed these back in the day or maybe were not even born yet upon their initial release?   

Yeah, you know it was one of the first things when we reformed that we thought of doing.  The EP and that first album were really hard to find.  You had to go to Ebay to try and find them and pay like $50.00 or more for each of them. They were totally out of print and our initial thought was to maybe just put them out ourselves.  After the release of A Time of Crisis (2012) Metal Blade contacted us about releasing them both and that started the ball rolling from there.  It’s great to finally get these out there in this box set for the newer fans and also for the fans that maybe had it on LP to now be able to have them remastered with bonus tracks.              Read more

Tom Keifer

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Tom Keifer of Cinderella performs on July 14, 2010 at the Hampton Beach Club Casino in Hampton Beach, NH.Tom Keifer
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

It’s been almost 6 months since the release of your first solo album The Way Life Goes and the reviews have been very positive both of the record itself and the shows in support of it.  Was it a scary concept to go out and be just Tom Keifer having been a part of a band setting with Cinderella for all of your career up to this point?   

Yes, there is a safe feeling being part of a band for that long.  The thought of stepping outside of it and starting something new with each step that I took was a little nerve racking and something to get used to.  It’s felt pretty natural so far.  We worked so long on this record and have been real pleased with how it came out.  It feels really good also to be out touring in support of it.  It’s cool.  But it did take a minute to get used to the idea.     Read more

Jeff Waters of Annihilator

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Jeff Waters of Annihilator
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Annihilator are back with their new disc Feast and we caught up with Jeff Waters to talk about it:

It looks like Feast is yet another collection of assaults on the senses. Is the creative process any different now than it was 30 years ago?

Hmmm.  Good question I’d say no.  The results can be a lot different.  The actual process is pretty much the same.  I just sit down with what used to be a drummer years ago years and years ago or writing by myself writing guitar riffs and putting together an arrangement and then showing the drummer what to play and then the bass player what to play it’s evolved pretty quickly into me playing everything in my own studio.  I might also program a drum machine to jam along to while I’m putting together the guitar riff.   I just put the music together by myself now.  Slowly built it and record it from there.  Usually I write the lyrics myself and sometimes pawn some of the songs off to Dave (Padden, rhythm guitar and lead vocals).  It’s more or less the same idea as in the past.  When I’m writing the guitar riff I kind of have an idea of how I want the bass and drums to sound so it is in a sense a solo project really but in the last ten years it has been more of a Jeff and Dave band.  We decided this time to stop switching drummers and bass players (Mike Hershaw and Alberto Campuzano) out on the road and find a pair we like and keep them around.           Read more

Spotlight Interview: Lucas D’Agata of Serosia


Serosia is:

Lucas D’Agata – Vocals
Anthony D’Agata – Drums
Derek Troxell – Guitar
Joseph Kuban – Bass Read more

Catching Up With…Laura Wilde

laurawildedean2Laura, you are currently out on the road with Ted Nugent playing around 40 dates or so.  How has the tour been going so far?
It has been fantastic!  We have really been enjoying the shows and being able to watch Ted every night and seeing how he performs is such a great experience.  To see the USA in all its beauty in different cities every single day, we are just so fortunate to have this opportunity.   Read more

Catching up with Paul Shortino of King Kobra

Catching Up With Paul Shortino of King Kobra
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Following the self-titled King Kobra album from 2011 does King Kobra II pick up right you left off as a band?
Yes.  I’m certain that’s why Carmine wanted to call the record King Kobra II.  I thought initially we might have called the record Have a Good Time because the attitude in that song pretty much describes life here in Las Vegas and how we all felt making this record.  The majority of the record was done right here in the Vegas area.  We did the video for that track at a place called Vamp’d which is one of, if not the only rock club in Las Vegas. Danny “The Count” Koker who has a show on the History Channel called Counting Cars owns the club and he let us shoot there.  That’s where we go even when we are not playing just to hang out.  They have some great acts come though and play there recently like Y & T, Michael Schenker Group and I think Saxon is coming sometime in August.  Read more

Warped Tour Interview: RDGLDGRN

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Warped Tour newcomers D.C’s RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) are playing the whole 2013 tour. I got to chat with Red, Gold and Green, about their experiences so far as a band; highlights of the tour so far and when their new length album will be out.

Interviewed by: Matt Lambert


For someone that has never heard of RDGLDGRN please describe your style and what you sound like.
Gold: It’s like indie rock and hip hop music, very simply.
Green: [agrees] It’s the simplest way.

You guys have an EP, and have already worked with artists like Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams? How did that relationship come about?
Gold: Our producer new Dave, and Dave was filming sound city, so they connected he shared our music and he liked it and agreed to drum on the record. He was also cool with Pharrell’s manager so he set that up as well, so props to our producer Kevin Augunas.

Are there other artists that you’d love to work with?
Gold: Andre 3000, Q-Tip, John Lennon.
Green: Andre 3000
Red: Paul McCartney

Have you been enjoying Warped Tour so far, it’s your first time, right?
Red: It’s been good, Warped Tour is great. Well Gold’s been to and played Warped Tour before a long time ago. But this is myself and Green’s first time at Warped tour, and it’s really great for many reasons.

Do you have any highlights of the tour so far?
Green: D.C.
Red: Yesterday’s show.
Gold: Yeah, definitely, our hometown show was definitely the most exciting people were jumping up and down lots of love, crazy photos, and singing along.
Green: Also the first time they played our new song, “Lootin’ in London,” on the radio and it beat Muse in a cage match. Sorry to Muse, we like them.
Red: Shout out to D.C. 101.

Talking about your new song “Lootin’ in London” where did the inspiration for the song & music video come from?
Green: We love football and we love D.C. and that’s why that song was made. The song is homage to both football and D.C.

So it has the football vibe, also explain the vuvuzela’s that you brought with you on tour at your merch tent.
Green: Same thing, in no way are we ambassadors of football, that’s David Beckham, but we represent football to the fullest. No way we are ambassadors to D.C., that’s Wale, but we represent both to the fullest.


Being the new guys playing the Warped tour as a group, has any veteran band given you any advice/guidance?
Red: We sat down with Motion City Soundtrack, and one of the guys from Reel Big Fish we had lunch with him like the 2nd or third day. They were just telling us about showers, bathrooms, and important stuff like the way food is now versus what it used to be like 10 or so years ago.
Green: How being cool with the bands work and stuff like that.

The guitar player from the Starting Line, Matt Watts is your general manager, what has it been like working with him, were you all fans of his band?
Gold: I actually hated the Starting Line, and it was funny having a conversation with Watts and let him know I couldn’t stand his band. But then my band mates liked them a lot so it’s funny.
Green: I was very ignorant to the whole pop punk scene.
Gold: We gave him a nickname; we call him Buzz Watts because he looks like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. We got him a giant Buzz Lightyear toy that we sent to him for a Christmas present.

When can we expect a full length from RDGLDGRN?
Red: The end of August, early September, is when we’re hoping it should be out.


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