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Concert Gallery: AM Taxi / Chicago, IL

May 16, 2010 by  
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AM Taxi
April 14, 2010
JBTV – Chicago, IL
Photos by:  Tasha Schalk

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Photo Gallery: Treaty of Paris Take Over JBTV in Chicago

January 27, 2010 by  
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Treaty of Paris
January 12, 2010
JBTV – Chicago, IL
Photos by:  Tasha Schalk

Last week we brought you the news about the release of the new EP from Treaty of Paris titled “Currents”.  On the release date the band celebrated with a special performance at JBTV in Chicago. (JBTV is available online via podcast subscription on the Apple iTunes store and at  TWRY’s resident Chicagoan and photographer Tasha Schalk was on hand to celebrate with the band and document everything.  Here’s a bit from her blog:

“For those not in the Chicago area, JBTV is a brodcasted, Emmy-winning program that is dedicated to local (and sometimes not-so-local) music. It’s a show that has kept true to it’s roots – totally non-corporate, and it just celebrated its 25 anniversary. It’s basically an institution for Chicago music lovers. Walking around the studio is like walking through a museum. Everything on the walls and on the tables are signed… even some chairs are signed!

Imagine my happiness when I was invited to take photos for Treaty of Paris’ performance on there just a few weeks ago! This was the fourth night of what I dubbed my “Treaty of Paris week,” as I shot a rehearsal, their EP release, promos, and then their JBTV appearance. Luckily, I love these guys, otherwise I might have been sick of them. It really is a testament to their performance that I wasn’t sick of them. I could have watched them a few more nights, in fact.”

Check out Tasha’s Treaty of Paris gallery including performance photos, behind the scenes shots and more.