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Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Steve Lukather & More To Play “Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet” Benefit Show

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On March 26th a whole lot of shredding will be doing down at Slim’s in San Francisco for the “Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet” Benefit show.

Joe Satriani will headline the bill and along for the ride are Richie Kotzen, Steve Lukather, The Kehoe Nation, Flametal and more. 

Tickets are available for $25 online at; by telephone at 1-888-233-0449; or in person at the Slim’s box office (333 11th St. San Francisco, CA 94103) weekdays 10:30-6pm or in the evening on show nights, with a $1 service fee per ticket for advance purchases. Proceeds from the Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Festival going towards medical supplies for Jason as well as a trust fund to provide for his future security.  Doors open at 8pm on March 26 and the show begins at 9pm.

Jason Becker, a onetime guitar prodigy first known as part of the metal duo Cacophony, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) at age 20, shortly after joining David Lee Roth’s band for the gold selling 1991 album A Little Ain’t Enough. Although the disease robbed him of his ability to play guitar – and eventually left him both paralyzed and unable to speak – Becker continues to compose music with the help of computers, collaborators, and a system of communication using eye movements that was devised by his father Gary.

Concert Gallery: Joe Satriani at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

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Joe Satriani
December 9, 2010
House of Blues – Boston, MA
Photos by: Jennifer Russo

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Chickenfoot Concert Photos – Boston, MA & Hampton Beach, NH

August 24, 2009
Boston, MA
Photos by Mary Ouellette

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August 23, 2009
Casino Ballroom – Hampton Beach, NH
Photos by Mary Ouellette

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Sammy Hagar of Chickenfoot

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cfRock heavyweights Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith released their debut album under their quirky moniker Chickenfoot in early June.  Debuting at #4 the album is already a success but don’t label these guys a “super group” because they’ll prove you wrong.

Super groups, notorious for being put together in a boardroom and never lasting longer than an album are usually fueled by the industry.  According to Hagar, Chickenfoot is fueled by the foursome’s passion for what they do.

The band took a very organic approach to pulling it all together and weren’t even sure how far they would pursue things, they were just having fun and enjoyed playing together.  Before they knew it, they were a bonafide band and recording their debut album.

The Red Rocker himself took some time to talk to us about Chickenfoot, the dynamic of the four of them together and how it all fell into place.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | August  2009
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Chickenfoot debuts video for “Oh Yeah”

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Chickenfoot’s album dropped on Tuesday.  They’ve since released their video for “Oh Yeah” check it out below:

visit for more info

Chickenfoot recently announced their NA Tour dates starting in August so check out their website for full details.


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The Middleast – Cambridge, MA
May 26, 2009

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

In preparation for their self-titled debut cd that drops on June 9th, the red-headed stepchild of all supergroups known simply as Chickenfoot (Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith) packed it up and hit the road for a test drive.  Booking a nine show run and  playing their new songs live for the first time in some of the smallest venues in each city; it was an intimate event and not an easy ticket to get.
Seeing the four rock superstars crammed on the modest stage at The Middleast was quite a sight to behold.  Hagar’s first words to the crowd were “My hotel room is bigger than this place, and you’re all invited there after the show!” Clearly enjoying themselves the band reeled through their album track by track with some of the best sound I’ve ever heard in that club.  Of course it should be mentioned that the band brought their own board – they don’t eff around!

From “Avenida Revolution” to “Soap on a Rope” you’d never know that this album hasn’t even been released yet.  The first few rows kept up with Sammy line for line, that’s some serious dedication.  While Sammy’s big personality is hard to contain, he definitely let guitar god Joe Satriani take center stage a time or two to play his guitar solos with his…mouth.  (Show-off!)  Sadly, Chad Smith was tucked a bit in the back but he kept reminding everyone he was there with his one-liners between songs.  Michael Anthony made his presence known as well and all in all their personalities seemed to balance each other out and more importantly they genuinely looked like they were having fun!  I guess with a name like Chickenfoot you have to have a good sense of humor.


Sammy Hagar & Chickenfoot Live

Making their way through the entire cd, some of the highlights came towards the end of the night with “The Future’s in the Past” which served as the last Chickenfoot song of the evening and definitely my favorite.  That was the pre-curser to Sammy’s “Bad Motor Scooter” and a cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” that wrapped up the night.

The band was oozing a party vibe throughout the entire show and there wasn’t much down time.  Hagar was hanging from the rafters and high fiving any hand within reaching distance.  I guess you’re never too old to rock, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it…and I think that everyone who walked out of that sweaty mess of a show that night wanted to do it all over again!

For more info on the band: