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Ronnie Winter of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

May 20, 2009 by  
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rjaaThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus didn’t want to hear about sophomore slumps or the pressure that may have come along with writing the follow up to their gold charting debut album Don’t You Fake It. After many delays, a line-up change and having fallen prey to some of the music industry’s finicky ups and downs they finally entered the studio to start work on their second album Lonely Road. The band (Ronnie Winter on lead vocals, Duke Kitchens on guitar, Joey Westwood on bass and Jon Wilkes on drums) felt nothing but fortunate and were just happy to be making a second album. With the help of all-star producer Howard Benson the results were an album that surprised a lot of people – fans and naysayers alike. The band set out to make a solid rock album, and that they did – from start to finish.

Much more polished than their first, the album makes a bold statement and offers up a track listing that will appeal to a more mainstream audience. Winter’s vocals hit new levels throughout and the songs deliver personal sentiments through Winter’s unique storytelling of war and tragedy, love and hope, and strength and conviction. The songs, at points reminiscent of rock of the early 90s, incorporate everything from brass to strings to a choir.

Often referring to themselves as the underdog, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are no strangers to criticism from scenster elitists but that was never a consideration when they went into the studio, they just wanted to make the best rock album they could make. They really explored who they were musically and the end result is an album they can be proud of. The band knew they were taking a chance and would not please everyone, but hey – that’s rock n roll.

Frontman Ronnie Winter recently took some time to talk to us about the new album, the band’s philanthropic endeavors and never selling out.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | May 2009

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