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Concert Gallery: Judas Priest at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Mass.

October 23, 2014 by  
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Judas Priest
October 14, 2014
Tsongas Center – Lowell, MA
Photos by:  Jeff Palmucci

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DVD Review: Judas Priest / Epitaph

June 12, 2013 by  
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Judas Priest 
Legacy Recordings
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

What a way to celebrate Judas Priest, the band that have been slamming their way into metal fans ears, hearts and minds for 40 years, than on this brand new live concert DVD taken from their final show of the Epitaph tour at the Hammersmith  Apollo Theater in London, UK 2012.  Not only was it the last show of the tour but it was supposed to be their final bow ..come to find out it was just their final world tour.  Read more

Concert Gallery: Judas Priest at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA

November 23, 2011 by  
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Judas Priest
November 20, 2011
The Tsongas Center – Lowell, MA
Photos by: Mary Ouellette

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Rob Halford

August 10, 2010 by  
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Rob Halford is not a fan of idle hands.  While Judas Priest takes a short hiatus, their leading man is heading out on the 2010 Ozzfest Tour with his band Halford, sharing the stage with Ozzy Osborne and Motley Crue.  Halford will be performing original music along with some songs from Rob’s Fight era and of course some Judas Priest tunes. Confirming that Halford is his priority right now, the band recently offered up their new single “The Mower”.

When he’s not holding court as the reigning Metal God, Rob Halford has his hands full with his own record label, and clothing line.  I guess when you’ve been at it for over forty years, these things just come naturally.  But do these extra-curricular activities point towards Halford hanging up his mic for good any time soon?  Never – according to Halford “Performing is like a drug to me, I just can’t stop doing it.” 

TWRY recently talked to Rob about Ozzfest, being on the other side of the record business with his label Metal God Records, and of course the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales
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Concert Review: Hail! & Age of Evil in Foxboro, MA

January 29, 2010 by  
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Hail! & Age of Evil
Showcase Live – Foxboro, MA
January 27, 2010

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by: Roger Scales

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Judas Priest Concert Photos – Comcast Center/Mansfield, MA

Judas Priest
July 7, 2009
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
Photos by Mary Ouellette

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