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Three Minutes With…Kevin Baldes of LIT

If you were even remotely into the SoCal punk-style music of the late 90’s, you’d have to have been living under a rock to NOT have heard of LIT. Everyone at one time or another could totally relate to their number one tune “My Own Worst Enemy” from their platinum disc “A Place in the Sun”. Bassist Kevin Baldes set a new speed record for the world’s shortest interview when LIT recently hit Las Vegas to play at the Crown Theater at the Rio Hotel. Don’t blink when you read the following:


If you became President of the United States, what would your first order of business be?
First order of business would be to legalize marijuana; and I don’t even smoke marijuana. For some reason, you never hear of anyone getting into fights when they’re high, but you hear about people in bars getting into fights because they’re drunk.

True. Very true.
There ya go. Done! Oh, but I didn’t promote anything!

That’s your next question!
I want to promote LIT’s new album. We’re working on it right now, we don’t have a title yet but we do have quite a few songs. It’s awesome! It’s gonna be my favorite album so far! It’ll be our sixth studio effort. Awesome!

When is it due to be finished?
We’re hoping it’s gonna be out probably in March.

Is that on a real calendar or the music business calendar?
Real calendar. We’ve gotta get it out! We’ve gotta get out there, gotta get goin’, man! It’s been too long. We’re excited to get cracking on this.


For all the latest on LIT or to find out about their new album check out:
LIT on Facebook
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*Side note: the above conversation took place in one minute, eleven seconds. That beats the previous record held by Gilby Clarke, of one minute, thirty seconds. 

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