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Spotlight Band: Sleeping in the Aviary

December 15, 2010 by  
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Sleeping in the Aviary (Elliott Kozel, Phil Mahlstadt, Michael Sienkowski, Celeste Heule, and Kyle Sobczak) has whipped out three albums in the last four years on their local indie label, Science of Sound – each new album bringing with it a new member and a revamped music profile.  The first album made with just Kozel, Mahlstadt, and Sienkowski, Oh, This Old Thing (2007), in its spastic post-punk rage somehow maintained a controlled delivery, earning them a loyal local following.   Their sophomore album, Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel (2008), added Heule to the mix and introduced a folksy but clever flavor, which brought them some underground national attention.  The newest album, Great Vacation (2010), maintains a sense of garage/folk, but in introducing new member Sobczak has also brought in more storylines and even an island flair.  

With a Blackstreet cassette rolling and Kozel raggedly swigging Jim Beam from the bottle, we sat down the night of their cd release (with Sienkowski and Sobczak chiming in occasionally from the couch) to discuss the band’s tour kickoff, the newest album (Great Vacation), and how you can’t always trust strangers on craigslist.

Interviewed by: Dorise Gruber
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