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October 1, 2007 by  
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magniliveWhile last summer’s “Rock Star: Supernova” didn’t quite follow through on its promise to bring music fans a new “supergroup,” viewers of the CBS reality show got something even better — an introduction to a group of immensely talented performers from around the world. Without the show, it’s quite possible that Iceland would have been able to keep one of its most valuable natural resources to itself: Magni.

“Rock Star” viewers would be hard-pressed to forget the electrifying performances put on by the bald man from Iceland. From his passionate vocals to his blistering guitar work, Magni (Asgeirsson, in case you’re wondering) made songs like “The Dolphin’s Cry,” “I Alone,” and “Hush” his own. As he worked his way towards a fourth place finish, Magni’s ability to seamlessly integrate himself into the show’s House Band further demonstrated his high level of musicianship.

Of course, he had an early start — putting together his first band at the ripe old age of eleven. As his career developed, he played with the band SHAPE, before being enlisted by the Reykjavik outfit A Moti Sol to serve as their lead vocalist. Magni remains with A Moti Sol today. The band is extremely popular in Iceland, releasing numerous hit albums and touring regularly throughout the country and other European nations.

Magni also continues to perform with his fellow “Rock Star” finalists. After his run on the show, he celebrated his 28th birthday by organizing two sold-out concerts in Iceland with several “Rock Star” contestants and the House Band. And in early 2007, Magni returned to the U.S. to play with second-place finisher Dilana Robichaux during her opening set on the Supernova stadium tour.

Now, with the release of his self-titled debut album “Magni” —available on iTunes, Napster, SNOCAP, and other digital music sites on October 9th — he’s poised for the next stage of his career as a solo artist. (Iceland has already sent the album and the first single, “If I Promised You the World,” to number one.)

A few days before the digital release, Magni took the time to speak with me via phone from Houston, where he had a show scheduled with Dilana. I’m happy to report that he made this interviewer’s job extremely easy, by proving to be completely charming and refreshingly honest, with a wicked sense of humor to boot.

Check out what Magni has to say about his new album and the pressures of being a solo artist — not to mention his views on stalking Eddie Vedder and on baldness in general.

Interviewed by: Heather Kobrin | October 2007
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