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Spotlight Band: Eden’s Lie

Eden’s Lie
By:  Roger Scales

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Interview With David Huff of GIANT

The 1989 release of Giant’s debut album “Last Of The Runaways” would pave the way for many melodic rock bands to follow.  Giant, formed by brothers Dann and David Huff (and rounded out by Mike Brignardello on bass and Alan Pasqua on keys) would follow up their debut release with their 1991 release “Time To Burn”, an album that maintains its melodic rock fortitude to this day and is often cited as a source of inspiration for melodic rock bands around the globe.

As music ushers in a new era, melodic rock still has its place and in 2009 the brothers Huff started working on some new material.  Although Dann contributed to the overall writing process, his successful career outside of Giant forced him to leave behind being an active member of the band causing the line-up to shift a bit. Enter vocalist Terry Brock and John Roth on guitars. The new Giant album titled Promise Land, drops on March 9th on Frontiers Records and is a complete labor of love.

I recently had a chance to discuss the future of Giant with David Huff, currently working in Memphis TN.

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales
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