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Concert Gallery: Mike Ruocco at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston, MA

July 27, 2012 by  
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Mike Ruocco
July 26, 2012
Bank of America Pavilion – Boston, MA
Photos by: Mary Ouellette

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Concert Gallery: SR-71 / Baltimore, MD

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November 25, 2009
Bourbon St. – Baltimore, MD
Photos by:  Tasha Schalk

Mike Ruocco of Cinder Road

March 19, 2007 by  
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crmainWith a new name, a new bassist, a new guitarist, and a new record deal, the only thing that stayed the same with this band is their passion for delivering a solid rock n roll roller coaster ride for anyone willing to throw their hands up and join the ride.

Cinder Road (Mike Ruocco on vocals/guitar, Chris Shucosky on guitar/vocals, Pat Patrick on guitar/vocals, Nat Doegen on bass/vocals, and Mac Calvaresi on drums/vocals) are currently out on the Daughtry tour opening the show to sold out crowds from coast to coast. Boasting a stage presence that rivals the best of the best, this band needs to be unleashed. Remember when rock shows were actually ROCK shows? Cinder Road has brought the energy of the arena rock show back. Hallelujah!

Their debut album, SuperHuman, on EMI/Union Records, is set to be released in June. The album, produced by Marti Fredrickson, is this young band’s one way ticket to rock and roll stardom. These guys are rockstars and they don’t even know it yet. There is not one miss on this album covering all the bases from ballad to bad-ass rocker. A little something for everyone, depending on your mood. The songwriting and musicianship shine through but truly nothing speaks louder than their live performance. They deliver the goods, and if I were you, I’d place your order now.

Before their show in Boston, another sold out venue, frontman Mike Ruocco took a few moments to sit down with me and talk about the new album, the new line-up, and a day in the life of Cinder Road.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | March 2007
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Mike Ruocco of Plunge

February 18, 2006 by  
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bandmini“Just a Burned Out Hometown Hero, Everyone’s Number One Zero….”

Formed in 1995, Plunge has singlehandedly built their own adoring fanbase by getting back to basics.  What basics you ask?  Great music and a sincere appreciation for their fans.  Having gone through some lineup changes throughout the years, their song remains the same – solid rock music that translates well lyrically and even better live.  Plunge is currently out on tour ripping it up and down the East Coast with the current line up – Mike Ruocco on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Shucosky on guitar and vocals, Mac Calvaresi on drums and vocals, and newcomer Jim Boyer on bass and vocals.  Playing songs off of their latest release Hometown Hero and new songs off of their upcoming EP scheduled to be released in March, they exude energy and passion onstage and off.  Simply put, these guys are rockstars in waiting.

Heading into this interview, everything seemed to be going wrong.  After all, we were in Florida and it was colder than Alaska.  The club Plunge was playing at (which shall remain nameless) seemed to be totally clueless, and the band was set to go on at 7:30 pm, while their website had originally said 8:00 pm.

That said, most of the people that would have been there to see them, were not.  Luckily we didn’t miss the set.  They played their hearts out to a room full of eyebrow raising skeptics and of course, my friends and I in the front screaming our hearts out.  An intimate performance if you will. Mike even took our requests midset.

After the show we approached Mike since it was his birthday and we wanted to wish him well and give him the cake we brought for him.  He invited us on the bus and soon thereafter we were treated to an acoustic performance with Mike, Mac, and Chris while Jim watched and listened with us.  There were about 7 fans on the bus for the performance and the band said they wanted to do it to make up for the night.

To be honest, it’s been a very long time since I’ve met a band that appreciates their fans as much as these guys do, and considering I’ve got ten years on most of them, that’s pretty impressive.  I was totally floored by their raw talent, passion, and dedication to not only their music but to their fans.  It was more than impressing, it was infectious, and only made every fan on that bus love them even more, even if we thought it wasn’t possible.

After the impromptu acoustic set (where they even played us a cover of Butch Walker’s Mixtape, along with our favorite Plunge songs) I sat down with Mike for an interview.  The bus was busy and there was a lot going on but he was still cool enough to sit down and answer all of my questions.  I can’t say this in any other way but bold Go see these guys, if they are in your area, you won’t be disappointed.  I flew to Florida to see them and I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | February 2006

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