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Geoff Tate of Queensryche

January 18, 2008 by  
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rychemainIt’s hard to believe that it’s been over twenty years since the release of the debut Queensryche EP. Decades later the band is remembered for its progressive sound and heady lyrics, a brave endeavor for a band making it’s mark in that era. Their 1988 release Operation: Mindcrime remains relevant to this very day. As a concept album it shed light on the relatively new band at the time, and gave them the opportunity to spread their wings and fly. Now, several years later, Operation: Mindcrime has taken on a life of it’s own, literally. The album has been succeeded by a theatrical version of the album, as well as the follow up Operation:Mindcrime II. Their sound defined by Geoff Tate’s insane vocal range as well as crunching guitars and a dynamic rhythm section, was hard to mistake.

Blowing away the ideas of labels at the time, Queensryche toured with bands at varying ends of the spectrum including Def Leppard and Metallica, daring to take on any crowd and make them a fan. Two decades later, I’d say they made their mark.

Their most recent release, a covers album titled “Cover Me” allowed the band (Geoff Tate, Scott Rockenfield, Mike Stone, Eddie Jackson & Michael Wilton) to explore other genres and come up with new arrangements for some of their favorite songs of all shapes and sizes.  The results?  An eclectic arrangement of cover tunes ranging from a Broadway favorite to a Queen classic.

With a new all original album in the works, the band is gearing up for a cross country solo tour. About a week before the tour started, lead singer and Queensryche mastermind Geoff Tate took some time to talk to us about the new tour, the new album and surviving in todays music industry and living to tell about it.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette | January 2008
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