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Name That Tune With Butch Walker!!!

September 30, 2009 by  
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Name That Tune with Butch Walker??  Who’s been reading my diary!  I plan on being the NTT Butch Walker Style champion so watch out!

I can name that tune in....

From Butch Walker:

Hello, all you nice people!!

Well if the fun were to stop now, I’d probably just retire from the game…. But since I’m not a rapper/CEO/shoe designer I believe I will entertain us with the following little nugget:

I have wanted to be on “Name That Tune” ever since I first saw it on tv when I was a kid. I know it hasn’t been a show for quite sometime, and you can pretty much turn on the radio these days and play the game yourself, but I figured I would give my tribute to it in the form of a contest of guitar riffs.

For the whole month of October (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) there will be a short video clip of basically me sitting around in my pajamas in the morning with a guitar, playing a short riff that you will have to be the first to have the correct answer of said riff’s original owner (the song title and artist). The difficulty ranges from popular to obscure. Old song to new song. Rock to metal. Bad to good. Its all there…

It will be posted on my Twitter, which you will then have to be the first to post the correct answer (song title and artists) by sending me an @reply to @butchwalker.

The winners will get their twitter names in the artwork of the new Butch Walker and the Black Widows album, plus some more cool exclusive stuff. Yay!!

It will also be posted afterward, to my official Youtube channel at for all of those who want to see the videos without parTwitterpating in the contest (I kill me so hard right now..).

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the nice little finish line at the end of the contest will be a month long sold out residency at the very intimate Hotel Cafe in LA, every Wed in November where I will play, front-to-back, a different album for each show.

More little surprises will be coming up for other cities before a full-on tour in the new year. I love this part of the ride!