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Catching up with Paul Shortino of King Kobra

Catching Up With Paul Shortino of King Kobra
Interviewed by: Roger Scales

Following the self-titled King Kobra album from 2011 does King Kobra II pick up right you left off as a band?
Yes.  I’m certain that’s why Carmine wanted to call the record King Kobra II.  I thought initially we might have called the record Have a Good Time because the attitude in that song pretty much describes life here in Las Vegas and how we all felt making this record.  The majority of the record was done right here in the Vegas area.  We did the video for that track at a place called Vamp’d which is one of, if not the only rock club in Las Vegas. Danny “The Count” Koker who has a show on the History Channel called Counting Cars owns the club and he let us shoot there.  That’s where we go even when we are not playing just to hang out.  They have some great acts come though and play there recently like Y & T, Michael Schenker Group and I think Saxon is coming sometime in August.  Read more

Three Minutes With….Paul Shortino

Three Minutes With………..
Paul Shortino

OMG! He’s DUKE FAME!! If you have seen the required rock viewing film This Is Spinal Tap, then you know exactly who Paul Shortino is. (If you haven’t seen it? Never admit to me, but as soon as you’re done reading this interview, go to Netflix or something and watch it!)

Paul has also sung for Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, and currently, King Kobra. I managed to catch Paul at NAMM, in between tours and other projects, and he gave me the lowdown on all the stuff he has coming up, as well as an awesome vacation spot! Read more

Catching Up With Carmine Appice

Catching Up With Carmine Appice

 It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from King Kobra but along with Paul Shortino on vocals the rest of the band is back with their self-titled debut on Frontiers Records.

I recently caught up with Carmine Appice to talk about what inspired their return.

Q & A by: Roger Scales

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