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Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low

April 22, 2011 by  
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It’s been a long time coming but on June 7th All Time Low will release their major label debut album Dirty Work on Interscope Records.  Calling this album a crossroads of sorts the album title harkens back to the fine line musicians have to balance between their careers and their personal lives and the songs that were sprung from those experiences.  Offering up a multi-dimensional All Time Low, Dirty Work has allowed the band to grow as songwriters and their hopes are that their dedicated fanbase will come along for the ride.  Forever grateful for all their time spent with Hopeless Records, it was an appropriate time for them to leave the nest and spread their wings with Dirty Work.  

The first single “I Feel Like Dancin” was written with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and shows the band stepping out of their comfort zone a little while still keeping the tongue n’ cheekiness that we’ve come to love and expect from them.   Working with several different producers on the album from Butch Walker to Matt Squire to Mike Green to only lends to the overall dynamic of the album.

We recently caught up with ATL’s front man Alex Gaskarth (who started All Time Low along with guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson back in high school) to talk about the new album, their journey making it, and what fans should expect.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette
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CD Review: Rise Against / Endgame

March 8, 2011 by  
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Rise Against
Release Date:  March 15, 2011

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

 Reviewed by:  Ryan Labbe
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Spotlight Band: Key To The Midway

September 22, 2010 by  
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Key To The Midway Is:

Jesse Barnes – Vocals
Drew English – Guitar/Vocals
Corey Yoder – Guitar
Shane Barnes – Bass/Vocals
Ryan English – Drums

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette
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Free Download: New EP from Have You Heard “Where You Want Me”

August 5, 2010 by  
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One of our past spotlight bands – Have You Heard – has a new EP out titled Where You Want Me that they’re giving away for FREE.   Can’t beat that.

Head over here to check it out and download it for free!

To find out more about the band, visit them on MySpace.

Bruno Mascolo of Drive A

July 26, 2010 by  
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Drive A is leading the way to usher in a new generation of punk that harkens back to the old days of punk.  The young quartet (Bruno Mascolo on vocals, Jason Nott on guitar, Cody Root on drums and Taylor Knowles on bass) pride themselves on delivering raw, honest punk songs that pack a punch of equal parts substance and asskicking.  Their debut album “Loss of Desire” offers up songs that we can all connect with – anger, frustration and malcontent.

 The band recently wrapped up the Bamboozle Road Show tour which saw them sharing the stage with the likes of Hanson and Boys Like Girls.  Not where you’d expect to find a rising punk band but these guys made the best of it by poaching as many fans as they could and bringing them over to the Drive A side.

After spending most of the year on the road the band feels closer than ever and is letting the creativity flow as they work on their follow-up album.  They also just announced that they’ll be hitting the road in September and October with Escape the Fate and Bullet For My Valentine where they’ll hopefully be trying out some of their new material.

We recently caught up with outspoken front man Bruno Mascolo who was as brutally honest as we had hoped.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette
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Josh Lyford of Four Year Strong

April 22, 2010 by  
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On March 9th, Worcester’s own Four Year Strong, purveyors of pop infused hardcore, delivered their latest album “Enemy Of The World” to music fans everywhere.  Some fans feared that with their first album on Universal Motown/Decaydance Records, Four Year Strong may become a victim of the machine and lose their edge but the only “Machine” the band fell prey to was the producer of the same name who guided them seamlessly through the recording process and helped them deliver the perfect follow up to “Rise Or Die Trying”.

While “Enemy Of The World” does have a more polished feel, it’s fueled whole-heartedly by the Four Year Strong spirit.  Kicking off the album with “It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now” the lyrics speak volumes “..don’t fix it if it isn’t broken..” and while the band diplomatically declined to comment on the specific meaning of this lyric we can all draw enough from it to know that Four Year Strong is committed to bringing their loyal following the music that that made us all fans from the beginning.

While their music blends the boundaries between hardcore and power pop/punk, this band has never been one to slap a label on their sound.  Going into the writing process for “Enemy Of The World” all they knew was that they wanted to capture the essence of their live performance as much as possible and try some new things with the end goal of writing a great record from start to finish without forcing anything.  “Enemy Of The World” delivers just that, picking up right where “Rise Or Die Trying” left off and even offering up a few surprises along the way.

We caught up with proud New England native and Four Year Strong keyboardist/vocalist Josh Lyford to talk about the making of the new album, their allegiance to New England and all things Four Year Strong.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette


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