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Build-Your-Own-Festival: Cate Le Bon at Middle East Upstairs & Mother Falcon at Great Scott

January 20, 2014 by  
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Cate Le Bon @ Middle East Upstairs
Mother Falcon @ Great Scott
January 18, 2014

Reviewed By: Dorise Gruber

What happens when two bands you can’t miss are both playing the same night?  Well, if the set-time stars align in just the right way, you may be able to turn an ordinary concert experience into a Build-Your-Own-Festival, which is precisely what I did this weekend with the sultry Cate Le Bon playing an early show at the Middle East Upstairs, and the dynamic gaggle that is Mother Falcon headlining a late show at Great Scott. Read more

DVD Review: Aerosmith / Rock For The Rising Sun

December 29, 2013 by  
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Rock For The Rising Sun
Reviewed by: Roger Scales

Being a big fan of Aerosmith for as many years as I have, it surprised me how few live DVDs the band has released over the years.  Yes, Live Texxas Jam ’78 is excellent but I only own a VHS copy.  Why not release it on Blu-Ray at this point?  Clean it up and add some bonus features?  There must be a plethora of vintage shows from the early days and on through the late 70’s, early 80’s and into the 90’s that must exist. Read more

Concert Review: Lucius at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA

December 9, 2013 by  
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December 5, 2013
The Sinclair
Cambridge, MA

Reviewed by: Dorise Gruber


With blue lights blazing on a slick-suited trio of men, one armed with a partial standing drum kit, one with guitar and pedal board, and one with both, they start with a few echoing minor chords and crisp marching snare before the Lucius ladies traipse onto stage.  Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe don identical blonde-banged-bobs, Cleopatra eye makeup, twin plaid schoolgirl rompers, and mirrored dance moves.  Not actually related, they look like new-age indie fembots, presuming new-age fembots come equipped with more clothes, more class, more talent, and fewer bionic nipple barrel guns. Read more

Concert Review: Slayer, Gojira & 4ARM at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT

December 2, 2013 by  
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IMG_4685Slayer, Gojira & 4ARM
November 26, 2013
Oakdale Theatre
Wallingford, CT

Reviewed by: Brian Cross
Photos by: Diana Guay

The international brotherhood of metal was on full display once again as bands spanning three continents joined forces to bring an onslaught of extreme music to a rabid crowd. Read more

Concert Review: Toxic Holocaust + Ramming Speed at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT

December 2, 2013 by  
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1455895_10151890131423347_1393597649_nToxic Holocaust, Ramming Speed, In Defence & Nightbitch
November 30, 2013
Cherry Street Station
Wallingford, CT

Reviewed by: Brian Cross

Metalheads and punk rockers alike united at a bar by the train tracks for a brutal night of extreme music. Four bands and a packed house? What more could you ask for?

Starting things off were local heroes Nightbitch. While the crowd immediately rolled their eyes when the band referred to traditional metal as “tradish,” they’ve got some solid musical chops nonetheless. Nightbitch deserves a lot of respect for both using a Hammond organ in their songs as well as featuring clean singing…by a vocalist who can actually sing. There’s a reason these guys have a strong following around here, and their set was most impressive. Read more

Concert Review: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA

November 25, 2013 by  
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prompJC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
November 21, 2013
Brighton Music Hall– Allston, MA

Reviewed by: Dorise Gruber

Chicago neo-soul artist JC Brooks, accompanied by his studio-tight backing band The Uptown Sound, brought an indie twist to classic vintage Motown at Brighton Music Hall last Thursday. Brooks, a skyscraper of a man both in stature and personality, has the charisma of James Brown, the poise of a human statue, the finesse of Otis Redding, and in his own words, the “sweat like Sam Jackson in ‘A Time to Kill.’”  Despite an audience age span of roughly 30 years, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound were still able to electrify the lot of us into collective unabashed flailing, though from stage-front Brooks easily outstripped us with his sweet ‘n dirty moves. Read more

Concert Review: Houndmouth at Royale in Boston, MA

November 18, 2013 by  
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November 14, 2013
Boston, MA

Reviewed by: Dorise Gruber

I’m not generally the kind of person that follows a band around while they tour, but I’d had Houndmouth on my radar after seeing their Wilco/Billy Bragg A.V. Undercover appearance, thus while vacationing in Arizona a couple weeks ago scooped the opportunity to see the band play Tucson’s Club Congress – a venue perhaps the size of Great Scott but with moody red lighting more apropos of The Paradise.  With an audience so spare that it hardly comprised a minyan, lone female vocalist Katie joked, “I feel like we should all be on a first-name basis.”  While on the brisk desert evening they put on a solid show, that performance was a mere honey drop to the Winnie-the-Pooh sized tub of energy at last Thursday’s Newport Folk Festival-sponsored jaunt on Royale’s stage. Read more

Concert Review + Photos: The Pretty Reckless at The Paradise in Boston, MA

November 14, 2013 by  
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BN6V1023The Pretty Reckless
November 11
, 2013
The Paradise – Boston, MA
Photos by: Jeff Palmucci

A while ago, Spotify started pushing the Pretty Reckless on me in the recommendation section. Never listened to them, and I generally disregard Spotify recommendations.  I’ve had a change of tune and now welcome our new machine overlords.  Spotify was right, I love this band.

I’ve worked with these kind of algorithms in my day job, so let me take a second to talk about how cool this is. I had never heard of Taylor Momsen before. The Pretty Reckless frontwoman gained fame as an actress on the teen soap Gossip Girl. I’m a long way from being a teen, and I’m not a soap opera fan (human relationships scare and confuse me). Spotify doesn’t know about past lives. It just knows who listens to which songs and how often. That’s exactly the information that you need to make a recommendation. Anything else just clouds the issue. People can become fans for all sorts of reasons, but the most rabid fan isn’t going to listen to the music a lot if it sucks. The machine ignores all of the hype and just gets to the raw results. Read more

Concert Review: Alpine at Great Scott in Allston, MA

October 18, 2013 by  
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October 15, 2013
Great Scott – Allston, MA

Reviewed by: Dorise Gruber Read more

DVD Review: Rainbow / Black Masquerade

October 15, 2013 by  
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Black Masquerade –  Live in Germany at the Rockpalast
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Reviewed by: Roger Scales

When Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple for what would be the final time in 1993, he decided to resurrect Rainbow for a three year period from 1994-1997.  The band recorded one album Stranger In Us All (1995) and toured off and on pretty much right up until 1997 when Blackmore together with his partner Candice Night formed the Renaissance influenced Blackmore’s Night and have had success with that project right up to today.  Read more

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